B¹ one-gang box and B¹ one-gang junction boxes

B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box

B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box
Preview: B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box
B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box
  • 1260-01
  • 4013456551428
  • with 4 screw domes and 2 expanding claw fields
  • 2-piece with moulded rear part
  • Two slots for B¹ Prefix® system wings
  • Rear part of box with slot for support element
  • Suitable for all types of formwork
  • Standardised combination distance 71 mm
94 mm
75 mm
106 mm
Installation opening Ø
60 mm
Break-out openings for DIN EN Ø 32/40 mm conduits
Markings for cables up to Ø 16 mm
Number of parts
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

B¹ one-gang box and B¹ one-gang junction boxes

B¹, the new on-site mixed concrete range of products for electrical installation work. In addition to the tried-and-tested system features such as the flat front part, sturdy fixing domes and the support element slot with a sprung box base, the new B¹ range has innovative conduit entries, sturdy slots for the new B¹ Prefix® system wing range, and also bridges – which can be broken out later if required – for connecting accessories in combinations.

  • Suitable for all types of formwork
  • Slot for B¹ Prefix® system wing set
  • Can be stably combined over the complete box body with a standardised combination distance of 71 mm
  • Innovative conduit entries for fast processing on the construction site
  • Signal bristles for easy location with installations on the opposing formwork side
  • Larger mounting and installation space
  • Installation of pre-wired installation accessories with multiple combinations, because the bridge can be broken out later

Fixing and alignment of the front part

Exact alignment by centre marking.

Fixing by means of steel nails.

Fixing by means of KAISER expanding dowels (Art. No. 1217-02).

Fixing by means of threaded dowels.

Combination in accordance with DIN

For multiple combinations, many of the B¹ wall applications can be combined in two directions at a standard combination distance of 71 mm (DIN 49075).

By using the 91 distance piece (Art. No. 1259-04), the combination distances for communication connections can be extended to 91 mm in 20 mm increments.

The B¹ one-gang box, B¹ one-gang junction box, B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box and the B¹ electronics box...

...can be connected stably and securely to both the front part and the box body.

The new conduit insertion technology

The required conduit connection opening can be easily and exactly broken out with a quick tilting movement using a standard pair of combination pliers,...

...for this purpose, the combination pliers are applied to the marked break-off edge for the required conduit size and broken out via a tilting movement.

Once all the required conduit entry openings have been created, the rear cover can be closed.

The conduit can now be inserted easily.

Fixing of the front part

Fixing by means of weld-on screws.

Fixing by means of KAISER magnets (Art. No. 1261-81).

Fixing by means of adhesive foil (Art. No. 1219-00).

Fixing by means of hot glue.

Installation to the working formwork

Secure the front part to the working formwork.

Open the conduit entries and...

...close the rear cover before inserting the conduits.

The conduits can now simply be inserted into the prepared openings.

Signal bristle for finding boxes that are to deep on the opposing formwork side

Particularly with installations that are prepared for the opposing formwork side, whether by Prefix® or support technology, and are therefore not firmly connected to the formwork,...

...construction and manufacturing tolerances can result in one-gang boxes sitting recessed in the on-site mixed concrete wall.

The signal bristle on the front parts of the B1 programme...

...attaches itself to the formwork as it moves away and keeps the position of the one-gang box visible in the wall surface.

Electrical installation

B1 one-gang boxes attached to the working formwork are already opened when the formwork is removed.

The signal bristles on the front parts of the B1 programme keep the position of the B1 one-gang boxes visible in the wall surface.

The simple opening with one blow of a hammer in the centre exposes the box opening and thus the exact installation opening according to DIN 49073.

Four closed screw domes as well as two expanding claw fields ensure the exactly aligned fixing of the installation accessories.

If the conduits were only inserted two grooves wide into the B1 one-gang box during insertion work, the conduit shortening work step is omitted.

The connection of sockets, for example can be realized in three different ways. It is possible to open a junction box in the middle area of the one-gang junction box afterwards,...

...or you can use the opposing conduit entries in the rear area of the one-gang junction box as support connectors.

In addition, it is also possible to break out the separator wall between the combined one-gang junction boxes simply with a pair of combination pliers by means of a tilting movement...

...making it possible to insert the connection lines of pre-wired accessories such as sockets quickly and easily without having to guide them through a support connector.

All B1 one-gang boxes offer generous installation space for the convenient accommodation of leads, connection terminals and installation accessories.

Installation example of a socket outlet combination in combination with a B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box...

...for easy insertion of pre-assembled cables.

Installation with cables

The integrated centre marks in the area of the conduit entries ensure a secure positioning of the entry without slipping.

With the universal opening cutter (Art. No. 1085-80), the required openings for cables or lines are made to fit exactly.

Then, the required cables or lines can be inserted and appropriate cable reserves can be accommodated in the one-gang box.

Once all cables / lines have been inserted, the back of the box is simply snapped on by hand and the installation is complete.


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B¹ large conduit one-gang junction box

Article no: 1260-01


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B1 one-gang box, B1 one-gang junction box and B1 large conduit one-gang junction box including accessories.

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