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Damp room one-gang junction box
Damp room one-gang junction box
  • Peripheral 5 cm wide adhesive collar to hold mineral sealing materials, e.g. sealing slurries
  • Convenient sealing into the sealing layer thanks to the fleece-like surface structure of the sealing sleeve
  • Tested and certified according to DIN 18534
  • Air-tight and watertight design with sealing membranes for six cables up to max. Ø 11.5 mm with integrated cable retention
  • Can be used with the KAISER plaster compensating rings (Art. No. 9155-61 or -62) with built-up wall coverings
Article no: 9264-42
For panel thickness: 7 - 40 mm Depth: 62 mm Cut hole Ø: 68 mm