E3S Connect® accessory box

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E3S Connect® accessory box
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E3S Connect® accessory box
  • E3S Connect® accessory box equipped with:
  • Cleaning tool: click cleaner for cleaning LC fibre optic connectors plugged into the connector, microfibre cleaning cassette for various fibre optic connectors, lint-free cleaning cloths for fibre cleaning
  • Tools: screwdriver, Kevlar scissors, stripping tool
  • Optical termination outlets: optical termination outlet flush-mounting (Art. No. 4252001), optical termination outlet flush-mounting (Art. No. 4250001)
  • E3S Connect® spare parts: 25 x E3S Connect® housing, 25 x E3S Connect® locking element, 25 x E3S Connect® dust cap, 1 x LC/APC Quad connector, 2 x LC/APC Duplex connector
Article no: 4261011
Depth: 358 mm Width: 445 mm Height: 118 mm