Universal opening cutter

AMZ 2 stripping pliers

AMZ 2 stripping pliers
  • 1190-02
  • 4013456441408
  • for longer cables: integrated knife for longitudinal cutting
  • ergonomic design - easy-to-use
  • hardened and polished cutting knife
For stripping NYM cables
3 x 1,5, 5 x 2,5 mm

Universal opening cutter

Universal opening cutter for creating exact openings for cable and conduit entries in plastics. Creating exact openings for boxes and housings always results in exact air-tight, smoke-tight and concrete-tight entries.

  • For conduit and cable entries
  • For air-tight and smoke-tight openings
  • For strain-relieved openings
  • For all types of plastic
Product data sheet

AMZ 2 stripping pliers

Order number: 1190-02


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