Abutment and support elements

Support element Ø 20 mm

Support element Ø 20 mm
Support element Ø 20 mm
  • 1212-98
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1.000 mm
Product information

Abutment and support elements

The on-site mixed concrete programme offers special abutments and support elements for the installation of opposing one-gang boxes or the installation of one-gang boxes and junction casings on the opposite side of the formwork. For this purpose, there are holders in the back of the item that provide the support elements with a anti-rotation hold. The curved base of the box facing outwards forms an integrated spring travel, which is used to compensate for component-related tolerances when setting the opposing formwork by compressing it.

  • Two abutments for fixing to the working formwork using expanding dowels, nails, screws or adhesive foil
  • No blocking of conduit entries thanks to the anti-rotation support element attachments in the back of the one-gang boxes and junction casings
  • The integrated spring travel ensures a secure hold between the working and opposing formwork and compensates for construction tolerances
  • Thanks to their star-shaped contour, the support elements ensure that the concrete flows around the entire surface

Calculation for the supporting elements

Installation to the opposing formwork side by means of a support element

To determine the support element length, simply position the desired one-gang boxes opposite each other and stop at the planned wall thickness.

Afterwards, the required support element length can simply be measured at the markings provided on the B¹ one-gang box and then sawn off.

The prepared B¹ one-gang box protrudes approx. 5 to 10 mm beyond the planned wall thickness, so that the unit is braced between the working formwork and opposing formwork when the formwork is closed.

The integrated spring travel in the rear part of the B¹ one-gang box compensates for construction tolerances, such as the breathing of the formwork during the concreting process, and holds the B¹ one-gang box securely in position.


On request, we can supply support conduits with Ø 20 mm for wiring through the support element.

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Support element Ø 20 mm

Article no: 1212-98


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