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MontaX mounting plate
MontaX mounting plate
  • over 200 fixing methods for accessories
  • Injection-moulded connectors allow surfaces to be joined together effortlessly to form larger units
  • Mounting plate can be split into two identical halves
  • Attachment to cable ducts, round or square conduits, TS 35 standard profiles, etc.
  • Magnet attached for adjustable mounting
Article no: 2000-00
Length: 180 mm Width: 90 mm Height: 13 mm
Mounting angle for MontaX
Mounting angle for MontaX
  • for 30°, 45°, 60° & 90° angular attachment of MontaX to vertical axis
  • simple straightening and attaching with 4.5 mm Ø raised head screws through keyholes
  • mounting plate can be attached using self-tapping 3.9 mm Ø flat-head screws in mounting grooves
Article no: 2000-80
MontaX - Magnet
MontaX - Magnet
  • for adjustable mounting
  • comes with fixing screw
Article no: 2000-90