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Exclusions of liability

KAISER GmbH & Co. KG accepts no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information on these pages, nor do we undertake to keep them updated or to ensure access. We take no responsibility for the content of other internet sites to which we offer links. When you activate a link you exit the information provision of KAISER GmbH & Co. KG. Third party sites may be subject to different regulations, particularly in respect of data protection. Furthermore we exclude liability for services, particularly in respect of files available for download from our Internet pages, for negligent minor breaches of duty.

Copyright - use of KAISER illustrations, texts and additional data materials

The German Copyright Act (UrhG) applies without any restrictions to documents and files (including in particular illustrations, texts, audio and video data, drawings, 3D data and the like) which are available in any form via data networks.

In particular the following applies: Individual digital or analogue reproductions, such as of copies or print-outs must only be made for private and other personal use. For this reason, individual copies of a work for private use made on any storage media are only permissible insofar as they are not used either indirectly or directly for commercial purposes (§ 53 UrhG). The making and distribution of other reproductions is only permitted with the express permission of the copyright owner. The published content on this website (texts, photographs, drawings, documents, films, 3D data etc.) is protected by copyright and must not be reproduced, edited, processed, copied or distributed without the written permission of the originator. Only the storage and use of the content which has already been made available for private use is excluded from this.

With regard to rights of use and copyrights, the following applies in respect of documents and files which we have sent to you on request by mail or electronically (e.g. by email or download):

1. You are not permitted to reproduce, edit, alter, copy or distribute the material provided to you (including excerpts or partial amounts) without our prior written approval. Only the use for the purpose which was requested and which was approved by us in writing (by mail or electronically by email) is permitted until such permission is revoked by us, which may take place at any time, including without any reason being stated. In the event of any revocation, you undertake to return immediately all the documents and files (texts, photographs, drawings, documents, films, 3D files etc.) and any reproductions, copies, back-ups or similar which have been made, or, in coordination with us, to destroy them irretrievably and demonstrably and to remove them from the media or context used.

2. Without our express prior written permission (by mail or electronically by email), all illustrative, text or other data material must only be used for private purposes. Any use – indirectly or directly – must not be for commercial purposes (§ 53 UrhG).

3. With every utilisation of illustrative, text or other data material you undertake to name the originator (Example: “Illustration: KAISER GmbH & Co. KG”).

4. In utilising our illustrative, text or other data material you undertake to provide us, without being asked, immediately and at your expense, with a copy of the utilisation. This can be in electronic (e.g. PDF, link/URL, email, download or the like) or postal form (specimen copy of the publication, data carrier or the like).

5. You bear the responsibility for compliance with the copyright provisions and can be held liable for any breach or violation of these. If you have any questions regarding the utilisation of our illustrative, text or other data material, please contact us prior to the intended use with details of your full address and the requested intended application in order to obtain release by us in writing (by post or electronically by email) of the utilisation.

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