HWD 90 cavity wall boxes

HWD 90 one-gang junction box

HWD 90 one-gang junction box
Preview: HWD 90 one-gang junction box
HWD 90 one-gang junction box
  • 9464-01
  • 4013456531666
  • For F30-F120 or EI30-EI120 and F30-B / F60-B fire-protection walls
  • Also for I30 - I90 installation shafts / installation ducts
  • also for F30-B - F60-B timber frame or timber panel construction walls
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
54,5 mm
Cut hole Ø
74 mm
Screw spacing
60 mm
Cable entries of up to Ø 11.5 mm
Support connectors for each package
DIBt approval
ETA approval
Combination distance through single separation of the pre-embossed edge
71 mm
alternatively cable entry for three-phase alternating current of up to 5 x 2.5 mm possible
for sound insulation walls up to
77 dB
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

HWD 90 cavity wall boxes

HWD 90 cavity wall boxes for F30-F120 or EI30-EI120 fire-protection walls ensure certified and fire-protection compliant electrical installation. They are now also approved for timber walls in F30-B/F60-B timber frame or timber panel construction. No additional measures, such as encasing, are necessary. The intelligent AFS technology reacts immediately to fire and heat and automatically closes the installation opening. This guarantees the fire resistance class of the fire-protection wall and secures emergency routes. Use in all fire-protection walls and the fire-resistance duration of up to 120 minutes ensures maximum flexibility, even when the planning is changed. At the same time, it also maintains the wall's sound insulation requirements.

  • For F30-F120 or EI30-EI120 and F30-B / F60-B fire-protection walls
  • Maintains the wall's sound insulation protection
  • Retrofitting also possible
  • With fire-protection cover, can be used as a junction box
  • Also for directly opposing installation

Processing instructions

Approved for directly opposing installation.

In an F30-B wall, combinations of up to 5 boxes are possible...

...in an F60-B wall, individual boxes up to a 3 box combination are possible.

The HWD 90 electronics box is also approved for the above mentioned wall constructions.

For drywall in timber construction

Since the introduction of the first fire-protection box for fire-protection walls in 2006, the range of applications has been continually expanded. HWD 90 fire-protection boxes are now also approved for timber walls in timber frame or timber panel construction. They maintain the fire protection properties of the wall with a fire-resistance duration of F30-B and F60-B. No additional measures, such as encasing, are necessary. Even if installed on the directly opposing side, the fire protection of the wall is guaranteed for 30 minutes and 60 minutes. It should be noted that for F60-B, only superstructures and installations in accordance with the timber construction guidelines are currently permitted. The HWD 90 was tested in different superstructures that occur in practice to the superstructures and installation situation described in the timber construction guidelines.

Drywall in timber construction

The proven installation has not changed. Installations directly opposing each other are possible even in timber construction up to fire resistance class F30-B (max. 5-way combination) or F60-B (max. 3-way combination). All HWD 90 type boxes maintain the sound insulation function completely up to a sound insulation level of 77 dB.

1 9.5 mm plasterboard | 2 15 mm OSB/MDF, plywood or chipboard | 3 40 mm wood fibre insulation, glass or rock wool 60x40 wooden beams | 4 1x12.5 mm plasterboard fire protection board | 5 80 mm mineral insulation > 1,000°C - 40x80 wooden beams


All technical specifications correspond to the tested and approved applications. Technical deviations or changes are possible in the approvals and must be checked before use.


Create an installation opening with EXPERT cutter Ø 74 mm (Art. No. 1082-40).

The exact opening for the cable is created smokeproof with the KAISER universal opening cutter (Art. No. 1085-80). Set the opening cutter for 3 x 1.5² to Ø 8.5, for 5 x 1.5² to Ø 9.5 and for 3 x 2.5² to Ø 9.5.

Fixing of the boxes with tried-and-tested cavity wall technology using KAISER FX⁴ technology.

The fully-insulated through-wiring of one-gang junction boxes with each other is created using the support connector (Art. No. 9060-78).

Plasterboard drywall

Minimum wall thickness: 100 mm | boarding on both sides with | min. 12.5 mm mineral non-combustible building panels (e.g. plasterboard, cement-bonded fibre boards) | min. 40 mm thick non-combustible mineral wool (e.g. glass wool, rock wool, etc) | gross density min. 14 kg/m³

Installation shafts and ducts

The use of the HWD 90 in shaft walls is only approved in Germany by the general type approval. If the device is to be used in other countries, the applicable certificates, standards, guidelines or regulations must be observed. Steel stand | double boarding with non-combustible mineral plaster or cement-bound building panels | 2 x 20 mm (when using the one-gang box) | 2 x 25 mm (when using the one-gang junction box) | I30 - no insulation | I60 - 40 mm / 100 kg/m³, 60 mm / 50 kg/m³, 80 mm / 30 kg/m³ | I90 - 40 mm / 100 kg/m³ Termarock 100


In addition to the general type approval from the DIBt, we can also provide you on request with the classification report on its recognition in Austria from the IBS Test Institute for Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research in Linz. Please note: the use of the HWD 90 in shaft walls is only permitted in Germany by the general type approval. If the device is likely to be used in other countries, the applicable certificates, standards, guidelines or regulations must be observed.

Wall constructions for F30-B and F60-B.

For F30-B timber panel construction or timber frame construction walls with glass/rock wool or wood fibre insulation. F60-B with mineral insulation >1,000 °C.

Approved minimum wall construction F30-B with 9.5 mm gypsum plasterboard.

Approved minimum wall construction F60-B with 1x12,5 mm gypsum plaster fire protection board.

Retrofitting in installation shafts

The HWD 90 cavity wall boxes can also be retrofitted in installation shafts (shaft walls). Since retrofitting partly requires adding mineral wool to the opening, a cut-out of at least 300 x 300 mm is needed to make space for perfect installation. Use the following cut-out dimensions for the relevant combinations:

  • 1-time: 300 x 300 mm
  • 2 to 3-times: 300 x 400 mm
  • 4 to 5 times: 300 x 600 mm

Make a 300x300 to 300x600 mm cut-out (see above). The insert dimension of the additional mineral wool section must be at least 25 mm larger on all sides.

Chamfer the edges on all sides for subsequent plastering.

Insert the CW profile and attach by screwing quick-fastening screws through the boarding.

Feed the additional mineral wool section insert into the shaft with the upper CW profile.

Additional mineral wool section in CW profiles (rear view).

Add boarding section (Fig. 1) and fix to CW profile.

Fill the joints with KAISER fire-protection putty (Art. No. 9400-05) and smooth them with a spatula.

Insert and fix the second boarding flush with the wall.

Create an installation opening of Ø 74 mm.

Insert HWD 90 cavity wall box and fix it with the usual FX⁴ technique.

Then plaster in the chamfer of the second boarding layer.


HWD 90 / HWD 30 - Type approval (Z-19.21-1788)


Fire-protection boxes HWD 90 / Ceiling box HWD 30 / Flush-mounting fire-protection box - ETA-18/0091

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HWD 90 - Determination of sound insulation

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Fire protection boxes HWD 90 - BlowerDoor Certificate

Product data sheet

HWD 90 one-gang junction box

Article no: 9464-01


Fire protection.

Box, housing and sealing systems for fire-protection walls and ceilings.

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HWD 90 Fire protection boxes.

Now also for wooden panel and timber frame construction.

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HWD 90 cavity wall box

Assembly instructions

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Performance declaration

Declaration of performance HWD 90 Art. No. 9464-01

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Performance declaration

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