Turbo cutter MULTI 4000

Turbo cutter MULTI 4000

Turbo cutter MULTI 4000
  • 1083-10
  • 4013456250703
  • high cutting power
  • precise cut for circular drilled holes
  • high radial runout accuracy
  • Removable countersink hole cutters
  • fits all electric drills with 13 mm chuck
Cut hole Ø
68 mm
Depth of cutting hole
36 mm
with countersink hole cutter and plate ejector
Product information

Turbo cutter MULTI 4000

MULTI 4000 turbo cutter for faster cutting speeds, due to new geometry with especially high endurance in three different sizes. Advantages compared to previous model (MULTI 2000):

  • 40% faster due to new cutting geometry
  • 20% higher endurance than conventional cutters
  • With countersink hole cutter and plate ejector
  • Cutting diameter 35 mm/68 mm/74 mm
  • Specially for plasterboard, softwood/plywood boards

Technical information on MULTI 4000 turbo cutter

Product data sheet

Turbo cutter MULTI 4000

Order number: 1083-10


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