Interior Insulation box

Interior Insulation box for insulation thicknesses 30 - 100 mm

Interior Insulation box for insulation thicknesses 30 - 100 mm
Preview: Interior Insulation box for insulation thicknesses 30 - 100 mm
Interior Insulation box for insulation thicknesses 30 - 100 mm
  • 1159-90
  • 4013456544727
  • One-gang junction box for insulated interior walls
  • including attachment adapter
  • rear cable entries
  • circumferential airtight sealing lip
  • Can be combined with each other
90 mm
Adapter dimensions (LxWxD)
75 x 81 x 100 mm
for insulation thicknesses
30 - 100 mm
Device screws
Screw spacing
60 mm
Cable entries of up to Ø 11.5 mm
Support connectors for each package
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Interior Insulation box

One-gang junction box for electrical installations in internal insulation systems. For permanently secure and heat-bridge-free installation of switches, sockets and other devices in internally insulated exterior walls. For optimal room climate with proven protection from moisture damage. For use in many internal insulation systems.

  • For installation in insulated interior walls
  • Guarantees installation without heat bridges
  • Moisture regulating and insulating
  • Prevention of moisture induced structural damage
  • Suitable for use in many insulation systems
  • For insulation thcknesses 30 to 100 mm
  • Installation on masonry without plaster

Examples of use

Historically significant facades in exposed masonry or stucco facades.

Facade of a listed half-timbered house.

Suitable for e.g. diffusion-open insulation systems made of mineral insulation materials.

Can be used in existing masonry with different insulation thicknesses.

Specially developed for expert installation in diffusion-open internal insulation systems.

1 Masonry wall | 2 Adhesive | 3 Insulating board | 4 Reinforcement plaster | 5 Reinforcement fabric | 6 Reinforcement plaster | 7 Finish coat of plaster, decorative plaster

Technical information

Airtightness: · Maintains the level of airtightness · No air through-flow possible · Air flow behind the insulation system is prevented · No convection · No entry of mould spores

Heat insulation: • No heat bridge • Room heat enters the box not the cold wall • Insulation component replaces function of the insulation system

Moisture regulation: • Room-side moisture (caused by bad ventilation, many people in the room) is stored • Moisture is dispersed in a targeted way • No corrosion on the accessory terminals

Heat conductivity: • Highly heat-conductive plastic for the inner box • Room heat is transferred to the box • The raised surface temperature prevents the formation of condensate

Proof of functionality

A comprehensive components test carried out by the TU Dresden – Institut für Bauklimatik – confirms demonstrably the functionality of the KAISER internal insulation box · The study of internal insulation systems with λ > 0.03/mK in insulation thicknesses from 30 to 100 mm confirms that by using the new internal insulation box, hygrothermic damage can be excluded. The certificate can be downloaded as a pdf file from our website.

Processing instructions

Installation on masonry without using plaster or mortar.

Dimension details on the adapter allow easy adaptation to the insulation thickness.

The box allows 4 cables up to Ø 11.5 mm to be entered.

Cut exact and air-tight cable entry using a drill.

Creation of combinations

Combination of boxes by simply snapping the adapters into place.

Combination distance 71 mm by removing the premarked Edge.

Fully insulated through-wiring via support connector (Art. No. 9060-88).

Example of installation of a double socket

Assignment table for making entry openings


Determine insulation thickness, adjust fastening lugs of the Adapter.

For insulation thicknesses < 100mm, cut wall opening (Ø 82mm).

Define location on the wall and mark it.

Insert cable on rear side of adapter, fix adapter to the wall.

Insert cables into box, screw box to Adapter.

Strip cable, insert signal cover.

Apply the internal insulation around the box.

Remove signal cover and install required accessory.


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Interior Insulation box for insulation thicknesses 30 -...

Article no: 1159-90


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