Diamond grinding head and drilling template

Drilling template

Drilling template
  • 1190-65
  • 4013456442009
  • for vertical and horizontal pre-drilling of combination distances
  • 71 mm for standard combinations
  • 91 mm for separate covers on low-voltage devices
  • with hardened drilling bushes
  • with fold-out guide pin for first drill hole

Diamond grinding head and drilling template

Diamond grinding head for precise and quick installation openings for one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes in all types of walls. Clean and low-dust handling due to dust extraction.

  • Quick creation of installation openings in all types of walls
  • For electric drills with direct attachment or 13 mm chuck
  • With optional dust extraction
  • Drilling template for exact marking of the centering hole


Pre-drilling. Create centering hole at a combination distance for multiple boxes using drilling template.

Fit diamond grinding head and diamond cut Ø 68 mm or Ø 82 mm holes.

Chisel out drilled core.

Clean and even installation openings for quick further processing with plaster or KLEMMFIX®.

Product data sheet

Drilling template

Order number: 1190-65


Energy efficiency.

Electrical installation for energy-saving buildings.

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