One-gang junction box ECON® Styro55

One-gang junction box ECON® Styro 55

One-gang junction box ECON® Styro 55
Preview: One-gang junction box ECON® Styro 55
One-gang junction box ECON® Styro 55
  • 1555-51
  • 4013456536203
  • Retrofitting in existing composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS)
  • for insulation thicknesses of 80 mm and upwards
  • 4 swivel cutters
  • Clamping ribs
  • Sealing lip on all sides
  • including setting tool (Art. No.1090-22) per packaging unit
60 mm
Cut hole Ø
68 mm
Cable entries up to Ø 15 mm
Device screws
Screw spacing
60 mm
Support connectors for each package
Protection class
IP 30
Glow wire
850 °C
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

One-gang junction box ECON® Styro55

One-gang junction box ECON® Styro55 for later attachment of a wide range of installation accessories to insulated and pre-plastered composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS). Switches, sockets, intercoms etc. can be permanently attached easily, quickly, securely and without heat bridges.

  • For retrofitting in insulated facades
  • Cutter system prevents damage to cables
  • Guarantees installation without heat bridges
  • 4 swivels for secure anchoring
  • No moisture penetration

Examples of use

Secure attachment to a ETICS without adhesive.

Accessory installation without disrupting the insulation or creating heat bridges.

Secure and flush-mounting installation including multiple combinations.

Heat bridge calculation

A heat bridge analysis produced by the Passivhaus Institut Dr. Feist, Darmstadt, showed that heat conductivity is only changed to a negligible extent and consequently it is demonstrated that no heat bridges result. The loss coefficient "× WB" is 0.005044 W/K.

Technical information

Tool-free and wind-tight cable entry prevents air draughts along the cable.

The swivels anchor the box securely in the insulation material. The ribs at the front also give the box additional support.

The lip at the back forms a sealing barrier to the insulation material and prevents air draughts along the box.

The all-round sealing lip seals the ETICS, so no moisture can penetrate.

Installation with an existing cable

Ensure that the cable was fed through the insulation material panel. Shorten the existing cable to approximately 10 cm.

Fasten the KAISER centering aid Ø 68 mm (Art. No. 1090-68) to the composite thermal insulation system using steel nails.

Using SPECIAL cutter (Art. No. 1088-07), cut the installation opening precisely as far as the depth stop.

Remove the drilled core from the opening.

The opening is now only as deep as necessary. The insulation remains intact and the cable is undamaged.

The ECON® technology elastic sealing membrane ensures a wind-tight seal around the cable as it is pushed through.

Simply insert the ECON® Styro55 one-gang junction box in the installation opening.

Press the box in the holding ring until the rim is flush with the wall.

Use KAISER tool (Art. No. 1090-22) to position the four swivels in the catch mechanism.

Flush-mounting and secure fit of the one-gang box.

Using the KAISER stripping pliers, (Art. No. 1190-02), remove the insulation from the cable.

The swivel sheaths on the box seat themselves securely in the insulation material.

Installation of combinations

Using the combined cutting aids (Art. No. 1090-68), cut installation openings at the standard spacing of 71 mm.

Before inserting the support connector, remove the strap without using a tool.

Fully-insulated through-wiring is accomplished using the KAISER support connector (Art. No. 9060-88).

Secure and permanent attachment of multi-gang combinations, intercoms and much more.


Heat bridge calculation - Test report

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One-gang junction box ECON® Styro 55

Article no: 1555-51


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One-gang junction box ECON® Styro55

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