B¹ Electronics box and B¹ two-gang junction box

Distance piece 91

Distance piece 91
Preview: Distance piece 91
Distance piece 91
  • 1259-04
  • 4013456356887
  • for separate covers for antenna sockets in combinations with sockets without electric shock protection
  • Centre distance 91 mm
  • for multiple row combinations
  • fits one-gang boxes, one-gang junction boxes, abutments
60 mm
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Product information

B¹ Electronics box and B¹ two-gang junction box

The B¹ electronics box and B¹ two-gang junction box are especially suitable for installations in on-site mixed concrete vertical formwork. The B¹ electronics box provides plenty of space for accessory installations, and additional space for devices such as switch actuators or other components for smart home applications. The relevant separator wall allows the standardised installation of bus and operating voltages in a single box. B¹ Two-gang junction boxes allow the installation of block and pre-wired accessories, and provide space for the assembly of cable for multimedia connections.

  • Plenty of space for accessories and cables
  • Separator wall for the standardised incorporation of two voltage types
  • Flat front part for fast, easy nailing
  • Innovative conduit entries for fast processing on the construction site
  • Slot for B¹ Prefix® system wing set
  • Spring travel ensures secure fit in standing formwork

Examples of applications for the B1 electronics box

By inserting the separator wall, two different voltage types can be fitted in a standardised way in the B1 electronics box. In addition, they provide a generously-sized installation space…

...for the decentral installation of, for example, small window actuators for controlling Venetian blinds and heating in the external wall.

Thanks to the B1 electronics box, it is easy to install radio-controlled actuators etc. without putting excessive strain on cables or accessories.

Network connection boxes can be used while maintaining the cable bending radii and with the best possible data transfer speeds.

Examples of applications for the B1 two-gang junction box

Thanks to its large installation opening without a central bridge, the B1 two-gang junction box allows…

...the use of pre-wired accessories, pre-wired block inserts and many more.

It also provides an easy-to-use basis for the installation of multi-media connection boxes. The very large installation compartment has plenty of space for configuring cables.

Reserve cables and connection plugs can easily be inserted into the box and are then concealed behind the installation accessories.

Product data sheet

Distance piece 91

Article no: 1259-04


Electrical installation in on-site mixed concrete.

Boxes, housings and systems.

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QUICK-INFO - B1 The new standard in on-site mixed concrete.

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