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  • 9310-10
  • 4013456551091
  • for installation in insulated hollow ceilings
  • retrofitting from below
  • toolless mounting
  • For Ø 68 – 80 mm installation openings
  • height adjustable from 100 – 40 mm
100 - 40 mm
installation from front, cut hole Ø
68 - 80 mm
max. installation depth for the LED luminaires
95 mm
max. ceiling exit (DA) Ø
80 mm
Cable entries max.
Product information


The spacer for the installation of swivelling built-in halogen and LED luminaires in various ceiling constructions. The housing ensures the necessary distance between the luminaire and the surrounding material. In this way, materials such as the moisture barrier and insulation are efficiently protected against the luminaire’s high operating temperatures. This protective measure can be provided for both new buildings and retrofitting work. The housing is suitable for installation diameters between 68 and 80 mm, and can be adapted for use with different installation heights from 40 to 100 mm. After installation, the spacer stands securely on the boarding. This means that the installation diameter is fully retained and guarantees a secure fit.

  • Installation in Ø 68 – 80 mm openings
  • Maximum flexibility: Installation height from 100 – 40 mm
  • Independent of boarding material and thickness
  • Secure fit by means of installation on the ceiling
  • Use with all standard LV / HV / LED lamps

Examples of use

The spacer for installing luminaires in insulated hollow ceilings can be used in panelled and coffered ceilings as well as in jointless false ceiling constructions made of plasterboard, mineral fibre boards, MdF and chipboard.

Spacer installation height from 100 to 40 mm and installation diameter from 68 to 80 mm


Make cut opening (e.g. with turbo cutter MULTI 4000 – Art. No. 1084-10).

Toolless breaking-off of the feet.

Setting the required height of 100 – 40 mm by breaking off the feet.

Pushing-on of the legs.

Four loops for secure cable routing.

Installation in Ø 68 – 80 mm openings.

Installation of the luminaire.

Housing stands securely on the ceiling boarding and creates the necessary spacing to the insulation.

Technical processing instructions / standards

  • use only certified (EN 60598) luminaires which are suitable for direct installation on normally flammable materials
  • When using the spacer and adjusting the installation height, the installation/application instructions of the luminaire used must be observed.
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Article no: 9310-10


Free space.

For luminaires, loudspeakers and installation accessories.

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The solution for luminaire installation in insulated hollow ceilings.

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Assembly instructions

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