Flush-mounting installation boxes

Flush mounting one-gang junction box, Depth 66 mm

Flush mounting one-gang junction box, Depth 66 mm
Preview: Flush mounting one-gang junction box, Depth 66 mm
Flush mounting one-gang junction box, Depth 66 mm
  • 1556-04
  • 4013456359017
  • dimensions in accordance with German DIN 49073
  • For M20/M25 conduits and cables
66 mm
Screw spacing
60 mm
Number of screw domes
Splayed claw fields
Device screws
Conduit entries M20
Conduit entries M25
Combination conduit entries M20/25
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Flush-mounting installation boxes

With the innovative KAISER UP-PLUS technology, the flush-mounting range impresses with a PLUS in terms of fitting convenience and flexibility. This range with the practical combination connection piece for quick, safe combinations ensures a torsion-proof pluggable connection for combinations with the snap-in connector, as well as a guaranteed standardised combination distance of 71 mm. The variable combination connection pieces are suitable for M20/M25 conduits and cables, and are standard for KAISER flush-mounting boxes. There are further entries for M20/M25 conduits and cables around the circumference of the box, as well as an entry for M20 conduits or cables at the bottom of the box. Four screw domes and two expanding claw fields offer secure, flexible mounting options for all types of devices, and thus round off the flush-mounting range.

  • Variable combination connection piece for conduits up to M25 and cables
  • Snap-in connector for torsion-proof and guaranteed standardised combination distance of 71 mm
  • Flexible for screw and expanding claw fixing
  • Optimum installation space
  • UP-PLUS – with distance support, tunnel connector and KLEMMFIX® for quick, secure installation

Entries for cables and DIN EN conduits

Secure combination with the combination connection piece

An audibly secure combination with the KAISER combination connection piece. Place the boxes next to each other. Place the centering piece in the groove and press together until you hear a "click". Now you have a torsion-proof combination with a standardised combination distance of 71 mm.

Fitting instructions

After breaking out the cable or conduit,

simply insert it into the box.

The simple break-out opening for cable and conduit entry reduces the installation effort and simplifies the fitting.

Installation example for a switch/socket combination.

Combination with one-gang box and one-gang junction box, conduit entry and KLEMMFIX®

Position the KLEMMFIX® on the bottom of the box...

...then latch on.

Since the plaster penetrates up to the lamella ring...

...the box is securely and permanently fixed in place.

Mounting and connection option with distance support

Position the distance support on the support connector...

...and create the box combination at a 91-mm spacing.

The distance support (item no. 1159-34) ensures an exact, safe distance of 91 mm.

Example of installation with a 91-mm spacing.

Assembly and connection option with tunnel connector

Remove the break-out openings under the support connector on both one-gang junction boxes.

Plug the one-gang junction boxes together and insert the tunnel connector (item no. 1159-36) between the two one-gang junction boxes...

...then plug the support connector in from below for fully insulated through-wiring in the floor area.

Cable entry through the tunnel connector. For installation with low-seated installation accessories.

Product data sheet

Flush mounting one-gang junction box, Depth 66 mm

Article no: 1556-04


Herzstück jeder Installation. - Die KAISER-Dose.

Performance declaration

Declaration of conformity

Accessory box including accessories, Art. No. 1050-00, 1051-00, 1055-04...

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