Sealing plugs 16-40

Sealing plug ECON® M25

Sealing plug ECON® M25
Preview: Sealing plug ECON® M25
Sealing plug ECON® M25
  • 1040-25
  • 4013456536838
  • for sealing electrical installation conduits
  • ECON® technology for easy cable entry
  • permanently flexible plastic
Sealing plug
DIN EN conduit Ø
25 mm
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Product information

Sealing plugs 16-40

Sealing plugs with ECON® technology for sealing all standard electrical installation conduits in installation boxes or at cable outlets. The long sealing plug with three sealing lips and in different widths adapts itself to the installation conduit in use and guarantees air-tight and smoke-tight closing, even when the conduits are cut at an angle. From conduit size M25 and up, the membrane surfaces are separated by bridges, which ensure secure cable routing and prevent damage and gaps between cables.

  • For empty conduit installations in an air-tight design or in fire protection areas
  • Sealing plug with three sealing lips and different widths adapts itself perfectly to the installation conduit and guarantees an air-tight end
  • Elastic sealing membrane for guaranteed air-tightness
  • Toolless cable entry
  • Reinforcing ribs in the membrane ensure air-tightness for the cables
  • For all installation conduits M16 - M40, Pg 9 – Pg 36, 3/4" and 5/8"

Processing instructions

The long sealing plug with three sealing lips and different widths adapts itself perfectly to the installation conduit…

…and guarantees an air-tight end even when conduits are cut at an angle.

When air-tight installation is necessary, the sealing plugs prevent leakage at the conduit ends.

For installations in the field of fire protection, the sealing plug closes the conduit ends and ensures smoke-tight room separation.

Assignment of conduit sizes and sealing plugs

1 Sealing plug M40 Art. No. 1040-40 | 2 Sealing plug M32 Art. No 1040-32 | 3 Sealing plug M25 Art. No 1040-25 | 4 Sealing plug M20 Art. No 1040-20 | 5 Sealing plug M16 Art. No 1040-16

Product advantages of sealing plugs

When pushed through, the elastic sealing membrane using ECON® technology wraps itself around the cable or individual leads,…

…and prevents uncontrolled air flow.

From conduit size M25 upwards, the membrane areas are reinforced with ribs…

…which prevent damage and ensure air-tightness where the cables pass through.

Air-tightness certificate

In comprehensive blower-door tests, a neutral institute tested and confirmed the air-tightness of the M16 - M40 sealing plugs.


Sealing plug - Air-tightness certificate

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Product data sheet

Sealing plug ECON® M25

Article no: 1040-25


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