Junction casings

End cover

End cover
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End cover
  • 1096-93
  • 4013456140042
  • flat cover edge
  • surface roughened
For casing size - concrete construction boxes
180 x 180 mm
For casing size - flush-mounting boxes
159 x 159 mm
For casing size - cavity wall boxes
165 x 165 mm
850 °C
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Junction casings

Flush-mounting junction casings in all sizes and for almost any kind of jobs. This programme features practical housing sizes as well as robust housing design perfect for building sites.

  • As central junction casings for star-shaped cable laying
  • Easy to rewire when changing the way rooms are used
  • With separator walls to separate electrical circuits
  • For installation of DIN terminal strips, TS 35 standard rails for terminal blocks, LSA+ terminal strips and much more
  • End cover with screw fastening for VDE-compliant installation
  • Dimensions correspond to the casing size in each case
  • halogen-free version for Art. No. 9073-78/77
  • Art. No. 9073-93
  • for junction boxes Ø 120 mm for Art. No. 9073-01/91
  • Art. No. 9073-79

Processing instructions

Space for installation of TS 35 standard rails for the installation of terminal blocks, terminal installation devices etc.

Space for installation of LSA+ terminals for distribution of telecommunication equipment.

Several electrical circuits can be safely separated in one casing using separator walls that can be inserted.

After breaking out a side wall, the casings (Art. No. 1092-90) can be clipped together and expanded to twice the size.

Product data sheet

End cover

Article no: 1096-93