Mini equipment carrier

Mini equipment carrier with 4 swivels and 2 ribs

Mini equipment carrier with 4 swivels and 2 ribs
Preview: Mini equipment carrier with 4 swivels and 2 ribs
Mini equipment carrier with 4 swivels and 2 ribs
  • 1159-50
  • 4013456536197
  • Retrofitting in existing composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS)
  • consisting of anchor sleeve and attachment core
  • for insulation thicknesses of 80 mm and upwards
  • Screw-on surface with 10 mm tolerance compensation
  • 4 swivel cutters
  • 2 ribs
  • Sealing lip on all sides
  • Weight loading up to 30 N (3 kg)
  • equipment attached with self-tapping screws with Ø of 3.2 - 4 mm
Installation opening
Ø 20
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Mini equipment carrier

Mini equipment carrier for later attachment of a variety of accessories to insulated and already plastered composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS). Luminaires, motion detectors, external sensors etc. can be permanently attached easily, quickly, securely and without creating heat bridges.

  • For retrofitting in insulated facades
  • Exact flush aligning of attachment devices
  • Guarantees installation without heat bridges
  • 4 swivels for secure anchoring
  • No moisture penetration

Examples of use

The small mini device carriers are concealed by luminaires and smaller accessories.

Secure attachment of motion detectors.

Invisible even when close to edges.

Secure, easy fitting of the corner mounting.

Technical information

The swivels anchor the KAISER mini equipment carrier in the insulation.

Clamping ribs, sealing lip and holding ring provide additional stability.

The adjustable screw-on surface accommodates a tolerance of up to 10 mm.

The screw-on surface is concealed even when the attachment points are close to the edge.

Hardened metal cutter Ø 20 mm for KAISER mini equipment carrier

The hardened metal cutter Ø 20 mm with hardened metal cutters for exact installation openings. (Art. No. 1088-06).

By simply unscrewing the cutter head, the drilled core can be removed quickly using a centering drill.

The drilling depth stop ensures that only the amount of insulation material is removed which is necessary to secure the mini equipment carrier.

The insulating capacity remains intact despite the installation opening.

Structure of an organic ETICS

The mini equipment carrier was developed especially for later installation in organic composite thermal insulation systems (ETICS).

1 Masonry wall | 2 Adhesive | 3 Insulating board | 4 Reinforcement plaster | 5 Reinforcement fabric | 6 Reinforcement plaster | 7 Finish coat of plaster, decorative plaster

Maximum pull-out force for the mini equipment carrier.

1 External insulation - insulation thickness

Heat bridge calculation

A heat bridge analysis produced by the Passivhaus Institut Dr. Feist, Darmstadt, showed that heat conductivity is only changed to a negligible extent and consequently it is demonstrated that there are no heat bridges in the electrical installation. The loss coefficient "× WB" is 0.000054 W/K.


The two-piece mini equipment carrier can be anchored securely in the insulated external facade in a few simple steps.

Create installation openings of Ø 20 mm (e.g. KAISER hardened metal cutter with depth stop).

Release the cutter head and remove the drilled core.

Press the anchor sleeve of the mini equipment carrier into the installation opening so that it is flush with the wall.

Press in the attachment core until it locks into the anchor sleeve.

Pressing in the attachment core anchors the swivels in the insulation material and provides a secure fit for the mini equipment carrier.

The mini equipment carriers now provide stable and wall-flush screw-on surfaces...

…and provide a tolerance compensation of up to 10 mm. This permits later exact alignment of all installation accessories.

The luminaire is securely and permanently flush-mounted to the wall.


Heat bridge calculation - Test report

Product data sheet

Mini equipment carrier with 4 swivels and 2 ribs

Article no: 1159-50


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Mini equipment carrier

Assembly instructions

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