Wall groove clip

Wall groove clip
Wall groove clip
  • 1159-95
  • 4013456583740
  • For laying cables or conduits without plaster
  • Quick fixation in wall grooves from 20 to 55 mm
  • Reduction of assembly time
  • No damage to the cables
  • Optional: use of steel nails Ø 3 mm
60 mm
40 mm
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Fix cables and conduits in the wall with one hand! The wall groove clip can be used independently of the masonry. Cables or conduits are securely fixed by bracing the wall groove clip, damage is avoided. Compared to classic methods, assembly is significantly faster.

Hold the wall groove clip at the outer edge, place it halfway into the groove and turn it in.

Also press even deeper into the groove.

Turn mounting direction if the groove is wider than 40 mm.

Alternative fastening: Secure with 3 mm steel nails. Use the clip as a nail disc if the groove is wider than 55 mm.

Suitable for all types of stone

Vertically perforated brick

Cellular concrete

Lightweight concrete

Lime sand brick

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Wall groove clip

Article no: 1159-95


Wall groove clip

Fixed in the wall with one hand.

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