Junction casings

Potential equalisation casing 10²

Potential equalisation casing 10²
Preview: Potential equalisation casing 10²
Potential equalisation casing 10²
  • 1295-73
  • 4013456340404
  • with potential equalisation rail, protected against corrosion
  • for bathrooms or similar
  • including cover
128 mm
128 mm
80 mm
Cables 1.5–10²
Circular conductor 6–16²
Entry fields
possible DIN EN conduit sizes per entry field: 4 x 16 mm Ø, 3 x 20 mm Ø, 1 x 25 mm Ø, 1 x 32 mm Ø, 1 x 40 mm Ø
Packaging inner/dispatch

Junction casings

Junction casings in all sizes and for almost any kind of installations. This product range features practical housing sizes as well as a robust housing design which is perfect for building sites.

  • As central junction casings for star-shaped cable laying.
  • Easy to rewire when changing the way rooms are used.
  • Separator walls to separate electrical circuits.
  • End cover with screw attachment for VDE-compliant installation.

Processing instructions

Open the universal conduit entry with one hammer blow.

The junction casing and the support on the working formwork create a stable unit.

KAISER junction casings offer plenty of space for electrical installation according to DIN 18015-3.

Separator walls ensure that electrical circuits are safely separated.


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RoHS and REACH Regulation

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Potential equalisation casing 10²

Order number: 1295-73


Electrical installation in concrete.

Boxes, housings and systems.

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