B² conduit connectors

60° conduit connector

60° conduit connector
Preview: 60° conduit connector
60° conduit connector
  • 1266-25
  • 4013456547711
  • space-saving entry of conduits in confined spaces, e.g. door and window areas
  • for punching out markings without tools
  • for fitting flexible 25 mm DIN EN conduits
Product information

B² conduit connectors

The range of B² conduit connectors offers a secure and toolless conduit connection to the B² one-gang junction boxes without the need for special tools. The conduit connection created using a conduit connector is absolutely impermeable to concrete and safely dampens the vibrations of the conduits during the compaction process. As the conduit connection is made outside the B² one-gang junction boxes, no conduit protrudes into the interior of the box, thus eliminating the need to shorten the conduit on the inside. With the new 90° conduit connectors, sideway conduit connections can now also be easily implemented in narrow installation areas.

  • Toolless conduit connection, no special tools required
  • Precisely fitting "variable" conduit connection, absolutely sealed against concrete
  • Damping of vibrations during the high-frequency or low-frequency compression process
  • Conduit connection outside the one-gang junction box, no conduits protruding into the interior of the box
  • Conduit connectors 90° for the lateral connection of conduits in narrow installation areas

Secure and fast connections using KAISER conduit connectors

With the extensive KAISER conduit connector programme, all rigid or flexible conduits in diameters of 20, 25, 32 and 40 mm can be connected to the B² one-gang junction boxes. Two cutting edges on the connection piece are used to open the box entries without the need for tools; all that is needed to open the entry is to turn it with pressure against the box.

Application examples

B² conduit connectors with integrated conduit lock for flexible as well as rigid conduits Ø 20/25/32/40 mm.

Insert the tips of the conduit connector into the desired conduit entry...

...and using pressure, turn against the one-gang junction box until the feed-through is cut out.

Straight conduit connectors as well as 90° and 60° versions enable every conceivable conduit connection.

Processing instructions / prefabrication

The B² range, consisting of one-gang junction boxes, conduit connectors and wall/ceiling transitions, enables complete pre-assembly of the electrical installation. For this...

...the conduit connectors and wall/ceiling transitions offer the greatest possible tolerance compensation when using rigid conduits.

The planned sub-assemblies for the respective concrete wall elements can be prefabricated in the factory to fit precisely and on time...

...and then simply and quickly positioned on the formwork table in the circulation system without unnecessarily burdening the production process.

Conduit connector 60° / diameter 25 mm

Snap the two halves of the 60° conduit connector together.

Pierce the tip of the 60° conduit connector at the desired conduit entry and turn until the feed-through is cut out.

Insert the conduit in engaged conduit connector 60°.

3-unit combination with inserted conduits in the wall area.

Product data sheet

60° conduit connector

Article no: 1266-25



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