Ceiling strips

Ceiling strip (ceiling exit)

Ceiling strip (ceiling exit)
Ceiling strip (ceiling exit)
  • 1283-33
  • 4013456357624
  • Ceiling exit for intermediate wall feed, exit or conduit connector
  • Accepts large tolerance compensation
  • Open on formwork side
  • Use wire-pull casing and junction casing 9914.01 for DIN EN conduits up to Ø 63 mm
138 mm
36 mm
29 mm
For conduits to DIN EN outer Ø
20 mm
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Product information

Ceiling strips

Ceiling strips for intermediate wall feeds, as ceiling exit or for connecting installation conduits. The elongated shape allows for compensation of big tolerances for lightweight intermediate wall feeds.

  • For DIN EN conduits Ø 20 to Ø 25 mm
  • Large tolerance compensation
  • Exiting of two conduits at one exit site
  • Can be combined for more than one adjacent exit
  • Space for conduit ends for extending with conduit bushes


Position the ceiling strip on the formwork and fix with nails.

The ceiling strips can easily be combined, and offer exact, parallel exits.

Ceiling strip (Art. No. 4558) can be occupied on two sides using DIN EN conduits Ø 20 or Ø 25 mm.

After striking of the formwork, ceiling strip (Art. No. 4552) can easily be removed from the concrete ceiling and re-used for more installations.

Product data sheet

Ceiling strip (ceiling exit)

Article no: 1283-33


Electrical installation in on-site mixed concrete.

Boxes, housings and systems.

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