B¹ Prefix® wall outlet adapter

B¹ Prefix® system wing bracket set

B¹ Prefix® system wing bracket set
Preview: B¹ Prefix® system wing bracket set
B¹ Prefix® system wing bracket set
  • 1211-00
  • 4013456551367
  • Facilitates attachment to the reinforcement
  • Pre-fixing by means of B¹ Prefix® installation technology
  • Can be used for the following articles:
  • B¹ device socket
  • B¹ device connection socket
  • B¹ large-conduit device connection socket
  • B¹ electronics socket
  • B¹ two-device connection socket
  • B¹ wall light connection socket
  • B¹ universal wall outlet
  • B¹ Prefix® adapter - Ø 20, Ø 25 and Ø 32 mm
103 mm
49 mm
36 mm
For concrete coverings of
20 - 60 mm
Number of wings
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

B¹ Prefix® wall outlet adapter

Using the B¹ Prefix® wall outlet adapter, end and transition grommets, and wall and ceiling 30°-elbows, can be easily and quickly fixed to the reinforcement for pressing against the (not yet placed) front formwork. They have two strong attachment slots, on opposite sides, for clicking the new Prefix® system wing brackets into place.

  • Fast, easy installation on rebar without support element before front formwork placed against it
  • For installation in exposed concrete, pressed against the front formwork

Fixing options

The B¹ Prefix® wall outlet adapter of the required size (Ø 20 mm, Ø 25 mm or Ø 32 mm) is simply snapped into place between the front and rear parts.

The B¹ Prefix® system wing brackets are now attached to the Prefix® wall outlet adapter in such a way that the planned concrete cover to the reinforcement will be achieved.

Pre-fix the wall outlet easily and quickly to the reinforcement using the Prefix® installation technology..

...and quickly tie it securely to the reinforcement, using both hands.

1 Wall and ceiling elbow 30° | 2 B¹ Prefix® system wings | 3 B¹ Prefix® wall outlet adapter

Product data sheet

B¹ Prefix® system wing bracket set

Article no: 1211-00


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