B¹ ceiling junction box

Light hook with thread M5, shaft length 115 mm

Light hook with thread M5, shaft length 115 mm
  • 1226-98
  • 4013456354807
  • For retrofitting in ceiling boxes (EN 60670)
  • maximum light hook load according to DIN EN 60670 100 N (10 kg)
  • with M5 thread, fully insulated
Steel, galvanized
Length of shank
115 mm
Diameter hook
26 mm
Overall length
143 mm
Thread length
10 mm
Product information

B¹ ceiling junction box

The new B¹ ceiling boxes simplify installation on the ceiling formwork. The innovative conduit entries enable conduits to be easily inserted into several ceiling boxes arranged in a row without having to cut them during the laying work. Due to the conduit entries located higher up, additional cut-outs of the reinforcement bars are unnecessary, ensuring fast insertion of the empty conduits on the ceiling.

  • Suitable for all types of formwork
  • Flat front part enables smooth insertion of the reinforcing bars on the ceiling formwork
  • Innovative conduit entries for fast processing on the construction site
  • Larger mounting and installation space
  • Mounting of a light hook in accordance with DIN EN 60670
  • The proven KAISER colour coding system ensures that the installation can be checked quickly

Installation on the ceiling formwork

The exact position of the ceiling boxes is determined by means of a cord or tensioning a mason's lacing cord.

The shallow front part allows easy fixing to the ceiling formwork before the reinforcement bars are added.

The required conduit connection opening can be easily and exactly broken out with a quick tilting movement using a standard pair of combination pliers.

The conduit entries are above the lower reinforcement layer, so that no cutting of the reinforcement bars is necessary.

The advantage of the new conduit entry is that empty conduits can be inserted in several ceiling junction boxes without cutting the conduit beforehand.

After final visual inspection of the conduits, the cover can be closed simply by hand, at the same time providing secure conduit retention.

Universal screw-on surface / B¹ 45° universal ceiling exit (Art No. 1249-13).

Universal screw-on surface / universal ceiling exit (Art. No. 1265-13).

When inserting several conduits next to each other, open the conduit entries with combination pliers...

...latch the rear part onto the front part...

...and close the back cover before inserting the conduits.

The conduits can now simply be inserted into the prepared openings.

Product data sheet

Light hook with thread M5, shaft length 115 mm

Article no: 1226-98