Air-tight sleeve

Air-tight sleeves for cables

Air-tight sleeves for cables
Preview: Air-tight sleeves for cables
Air-tight sleeves for cables
  • 9059-47
  • 4013456480339
  • Continuous sealing by means of air-tight layers for penetration of cables
  • extremely strong adhesion
  • Temperature resistance -30°C to +80°C, in the feed-through area up to +120°C
  • UV-resistant, halogen-free
Number of cables/conduits
2 item
Diameter of cable / pipe
8 - 12 mm
150 mm
150 mm
30 mm
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Air-tight sleeve

Air-tight sleeve for sealing conduit and cable entries in the interior of air-tight building shells.

  • extremely strong adhesion
  • For guaranteed air-tight feed-throughs, especially in the attic
  • 12 types for different conduit and cable diameters
  • Suitable for moisture barrier foils, sarking membranes, OSB boards *

Examples of use

Processing instructions

Air-tight conduit entries can be made cleanly and easily by using the self-adhesive KAISER air-tight sleeves. The sleeves create faster, more stable and, above all, more air-tight transitions than improvised methods. Please ensure that the base is dry and free from dust and grease. Processing should be carried out at a temperature higher than -5°C, and full adhesive strength is achieved after 24 hours. The sleeves have an unlimited shelf life when stored cool and dry at room temperature. * For fibreboard, we recommend a pre-coat using primer

Measuring the air-tightness


Push the sleeve over the cable or conduit.

Remove the foil from the sleeve.

Stick on the sleeve and press firmly on to the base, working outwards from the centre.

Product data sheet

Air-tight sleeves for cables

Article no: 9059-47


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Air-tight sleeve

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