Junction casings and boxes

Replacement cover

Replacement cover
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Replacement cover
  • 9073-93
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  • flat cover edge
  • surface roughened
  • countersunk for screw heads
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Junction casings and boxes

Junction casings in all sizes and for almost any kind of installations. This product range features practical housing sizes as well as a robust housing design which is perfect for building sites.

  • As central junction casings for star-shaped cable laying
  • Easy to rewire when changing the way rooms are used
  • With separator walls for safe separation of electrical circuits
  • Create precise wall openings using the drilling template supplied
  • End cover with screw fastening for VDE-compliant installation


Stick drilling template (supplied) to wall. Open four corners with cutter. Cut out edges with cutter or fretsaw.

Cut out intermediate parts with cutter or fretsaw.

Break out pre-cut holes, feed in cables, insert casing and attach with the FX⁴-screws.

Fasten inserted box or casing with FX⁴ fast screw attachment.

For separation of several electrical circuits, up to three separator walls can be installed, depending on the size of the box.

Junction casings provide a lot of installation space and, with the corresponding covers, ensure VDE-compliant installation.

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Replacement cover

Article no: 9073-93

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