HWD B15 cavity wall box for shipbuilding walls

One-gang junction box HWD B15

One-gang junction box HWD B15
Preview: One-gang junction box HWD B15
One-gang junction box HWD B15
  • 9464-15
  • 4013456533561
  • for shipbuilding walls of category B15
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
54,5 mm
Cut hole Ø
74 mm
Fixing screw spacing
60 mm
Conduit entries up to Ø 13 mm
Support connectors for each package
Combination distance through single separation of the pre-embossed edge
71 mm
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

HWD B15 cavity wall box for shipbuilding walls

HWD B15 cavity wall box for category B15 partitions reacts to a fire very quickly. The integrated fire-retardant coating intumesces and reliably seals the installation opening. The HWD B15 cavity wall boxes protect against fire and smoke in the fire-protection zone and preserve the B15 function of the fire-protection wall for at least 30 minutes of flames.

  • For category B15 partitions
  • Encasing is not necesssary
  • With fire-protection cover, can be used as a junction box
  • Retrofitting also possible

Certified and designed for fast installation

Expensive and time-consuming encasing, i.e. metal, is avoided with the HWD B15 cavity wall box. The user is guaranteed a certified and fast installation.

Installation in mineral-based walls

In walls with mineral-based materials, working with the cutter (Art. No. 1082-40) is quick and simple. It cuts the required Ø 74 mm wall hole and creates the basis for an exact box installation that is flush to the wall.

Occupancy can be for a max. of four entries of up to Ø 13 mm as well as for flame-retardant cables in accordance with UL-VO. Use the KAISER universal opening cutter to cut the openings for the cable entry.

Fit the HWD B15 cavity wall box in the wall using FX⁴ screws.

For board thicknesses from 0.2 to 40 mm.

Installation in metal-covered walls

Cut the installation opening in metal plates with the cutter (Art. No. 1086-74).

Open the cable entry with the KAISER universal opening cutter.

Fit the HWD B15 cavity wall box in the wall using FX⁴ screws.

For thin boarding, one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes attached by straps are available for a clamping range of 0.2 mm and higher.


It is very easy to combine one-gang junction boxes. After cutting the cutting holes (Ø 74 mm) at a standard distance (71 mm), remove the marked area of the holding ring.

The fully-insulated through-wiring of one-gang junction boxes with each other is created using the support connector (Art. No. 9060-78).


HWD B15 - Quality Assurance System Certificate

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HWD B15 - Certificate (MODULE B)

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One-gang junction box HWD B15

Article no: 9464-15


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HWD B15 cavity wall box

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Cavity wall box HWD B15

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