Fire-protection box HWD 68+

Support connector

Support connector
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Support connector
  • 9060-68
  • 4013456546509
  • For fully insulated through-wiring in combinations
  • Smokeproof
  • for Art. Nos. 9463-03, 9464-03
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Fire-protection box HWD 68+

The new generation of KAISER fire protection boxes combine all the features of the HWD 68 and HWD 90. In addition, they cover all possible applications that occur in practice with the conduit entries. Thanks to the evaluated AFS technology, the HWD 68+ also guarantees a fire resistance duration of F30-F90 or EI30-EI90. The HWD 68+ also fulfils the F30-B-F90-B fire resistance duration in timber frame and timber panel construction as well as in cross-laminated timber construction. The HWD 68+ enables almost unrestricted and universal electrical installation in fire protection walls.

  • For F30-F90 or EI30-EI90, F30-B to F90-B fire-protection walls
  • Maintains the wall's sound insulation protection
  • Toolless cable and conduit entry
  • For installation openings Ø 68 mm
  • For a directly opposing installation
  • With fire-protection cover, can be used as a junction box

Application examples

6 cable entries up to Ø 13 mm and two conduit entries up to M25.

Application in walls from a wall thickness ≥ 100 mm with single or double boarding on both sides with and without insulation.

Can also be used in timber frame or timber panelled walls... well as in cross-laminated timber walls.

Processing instructions

For installation openings Ø 68 mm and combination distance 71 mm.

Toolless cable and conduit entries.

Fully insulated through-wiring of one-gang box and one-gang junction box with the support connector (Art. No. 9060-68).

Can be combined up to 5-way combinations directly opposing.


Cut Ø 68 mm installation opening using PROFI cutter (Art. No. 1081-10).

Create combinations with a distance of 71 mm.

Insert cables or conduits into the box through the appropriate openings.

Place the boxes in the installation opening and fix them by screwing on the screws.

Create through-wiring for combinations with the support connector (Art. No. 9060-68).

Use installation accessories. Directly opposing combinations up to 5-way possible.

Approved for F30 fire protection walls without insulation and F60-F90 with glass wool or mineral wool insulation.

With fire-protection cover (Art. No. 1184-94) can also be used as a junction box.


Classification report according to EN 13501-2:20216 - Classification report for fire-protection boxes HWD 68+


Classification report according to EN 13501-2:20216 for products in cross laminated timber walls

Product data sheet

Support connector

Article no: 9060-68


Fire protection.

Box, housing and sealing systems for fire-protection walls and ceilings.

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