Clean room one-gang junction box

Clean room one-gang junction box with peripheral sealing lip, depth 62 mm

Clean room one-gang junction box with peripheral sealing lip, depth 62 mm
  • 9264-32
  • 4013456587465
  • For professional installation in clean room walls and functioning containments
  • Certified according to VDI 2083 sheet 19 (tightness class 7, extended class 11)
  • Airtight design with sealing membranes and peripheral sealing lip
  • For cables up to max. Ø 11.5mm with integrated cable retention
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
62 mm
Cut hole Ø
68 mm
Screw spacing
60 mm
Cable entries of up to Ø 11.5 mm
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Clean room one-gang junction box

With the new cleanroom appliance junction box, KAISER offers the ideal solution for reliably maintaining tightness in the cleanroom. The one-gang junction box, tested at the Steinbeis Transfer Centre STZ EURO in Offenburg in accordance with VDI 2083 Sheet 19 prevents the transmission of airborne particles, viruses or gases and has the highest tightness class (tightness class 7) of the clean room. Thanks to the sealing lip under the holding ring and the and the cable entries that can be created precisely using the KAISER universal opening cutter, an uncontrolled exchange of air can be permanently prevented to protect against contamination. The safe solution - even after the requalification test!

  • For use in clean rooms in a medical environment or in hygienic areas
  • To protect personnel and products in cleanrooms from contamination of any kind (airborne particles, viruses or gases)
  • For Ø 68 mm installation openings
  • Complete assembly and installation with just one screwdriver

Processing instructions

Fully insulated through-wiring at the normative centre distance of 71 mm by means of support connectors (Art. No. 9060-78).

Up to 6 cable entries for sheathed cables with outer diameter up to max. Ø 11.5 mm.

Integrated cable retention of the NYM cables according to EN 60670.

The peripheral sealing lip prevents the exchange of air and airborne particles at the installation opening.


Create installation opening Ø 68 mm with KAISER cutter (e.g. EXPERT, Art. No. 1082-30).

Produce the precisely fitting cable entry (max. up to Ø 11.5 mm) using KAISER universal opening cutter (Art. No. 1085-80).

Insert the cables through the elastic sealing membrane and tighten the screws.

Secure the installation accessory with the device screws.


Guaranteed safe maintenance of tightness in the cleanroom - with certificate.


Test certificate - Clean room one-gang junction box (art. no. 9264-32)

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Clean room one-gang junction box with peripheral sealing...

Article no: 9264-32



Centrepiece of every installation

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Clean room one-gang junction box

Certified according to VDI 2083.
Safe preservation of clean room sealing.

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