Air-tight cavity wall installation

O-range ECON® 64 one-gang junction box, air-tight, Depth 62 mm, halogen-free

O-range ECON® 64 one-gang junction box, air-tight, Depth 62 mm, halogen-free
Preview: O-range ECON® 64 one-gang junction box, air-tight, Depth 62 mm, halogen-free
O-range ECON® 64 one-gang junction box, air-tight, Depth 62 mm, halogen-free
  • 9264-78
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  • Air-tight design with sealing membranes
  • Fully insulated, air-tight through-wiring for combinations using support connectors
  • Toolless cable or conduit entries
  • Integrated cable retention of NYM cables, self-locking of conduits
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
62 mm
Cut hole Ø
68 mm
Device screws
Tube entries up to M25
Cable entries 5 x 2.5 mm² or 7 x 1.5 mm²
Cable entries 3 x 2.5 mm² or 5 x 1.5 mm²
Cable entries 3 x 1.5 mm²
Support connectors for each package
Packaging inner/dispatch
Product information

Air-tight cavity wall installation

Air-tight O-range® cavity wall boxes with ECON® technology for energy-efficient electrical installation according to GEG. The elastic ECON® technology sealing membrane allows air-tight electrical installation.

  • Elastic sealing membrane for guaranteed air-tightness
  • Innovative clamp technology with integrated cable retention
  • Toolless cable and conduit entry
  • Air-tight combined with support connector

Technical information

As a key component of the new German Building Energy Saving Ordinance (GEG), the energy performance certificate is a prerequisite for both commercial and residential properties. It creates more transparency for both buyers and tenants regarding the energy efficiency of a property. This factor is set to become more important in the real estate industry, not only for new build projects but also for renovation projects (existing housing).

Thermographic photographs highlight the thermal losses, which occur in conventional electrical installations.

With the help of various test procedures such as thermographic photographs, the blower-door-test and thermo anemometer measurements, we and various neutral institutions have proven the level of air tightness achieved by KAISER installation systems.

Especially in cavity wall construction, an air-tight building shell, guaranteed largely through the moisture barrier foil, plays an important role in complying with permissible energy values. Each conventional installation opening breaks this air-tight shell and results in uncontrolled artificial currents, which often weaken other energy saving measures significantly.

Processing instructions

“The certificates can be downloaded as PDF files from our website, or can be requested from our technical consultancy department.”

The ECON® technology elastic sealing membrane fits itself around the conduit or cable during piercing. This prevents uncontrolled air flows.

The flexible and tool-free insertion of the conduit or cable significantly simplifies the process and reduces installation time.

Reinforcement around the opening prevents tearing of the membrane.

Easy opening of the conduit entry by means of pre-defined opening tab.

Permanently air-tight conduit entry up to conduit size M25.

The conduit can be angled in the entry by up to 90°…

…which is ideal for use in slim wall constructions and installation levels.

The marking of the entry openings simplifies the correct choice of opening size.

Easy-to-fit device fixing thanks to new +/- screw.

The support connector ensures the air-tight combination of the cavity wall boxes and is inserted via the removable metal plates without the use of tools.


One-gang junction box ECON® 64- Blower Door Certificate

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O-range ECON® 64 one-gang junction box, air-tight, Depth...

Article no: 9264-78


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