O-range ECON® 2 / 3 / 4 - gang junction boxes

O-range® separator

O-range® separator
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O-range ECON® 2 / 3 / 4 - gang junction boxes

With the new O-range ECON® 2 / 3 / 4 - gang junction boxes, KAISER offers the perfect basis and especially easy processing for the fitting of all standard installation accessories in multiple combinations. Thanks to their large installation opening without a central separation, it is easy to wire multiple devices together and even makes possible the use of pre-wired installation accessories. If different electrical circuits – e. g. for supply and communication connections – are used within a combination, the individual accessory installation spaces can be separated easily and in a standardised way.

  • Easy installation of pre-wired accessories without spatial separation
  • Maximum flexibility when fixing accessories, generous tolerance compensation
  • Standardised separation of individual installation openings using a bridge
  • Complete mounting and installation with just one screw drive
  • Can be combined with all O-range® programme applications

Application examples

The O-range ECON® 2 / 3 / 4 - gang junction boxes...

…allow, thanks to their large installation opening without a separator, the use of pre-wired installation accessories.

By inserting the separator, different voltage types can be installed in accordance with standards.

O-range ECON® 2 one-gang junction box in a 3-way combination with the O-range ECON® Data (Art. No. 9280-22).

Installation instructions

Mark the centre of the upper installation opening in accordance with DIN 18015-3 and the centre of the other installation openings with 71 mm spacing.

Make Ø 68 mm installation openings with countersinking by using a KAISER cutter (e. g. MULTI 4000 Art. No. 1083-10).

The individual installation openings must now be connected for the insertion of the multiple -gang junction boxes and chamfered for the countersinking.

To ensure a perfect seat for the box, always keep to the dimensions shown in the diagram.

Product data sheet

O-range® separator

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