Sound insulation box 68

Sound insulation

Sound insulation walls play a very important role in ensuring that people feel comfortable in buildings, because they make possible peace and quiet, intimacy, familiarity and the feeling of security. These factors are just as important in the private sector as in public and commercial buildings – for example in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, doctors’ practices, hotel rooms or conference rooms. But also in terraced houses or apartment blocks, sound insulation walls create peace and quiet, and also privacy.

Sound insulation boxes for cavity walls.
The innovative one-gang junction box and the electronics box ensure the constructional demands made on sound insulation walls in spite of the presence of installation openings. The specially-developed boxes with sound insulation sheathing completely absorb and reflect sound. There is no measurable difference when compared with a wall which has not been opened. The sound insulation boxes are also available as a halogen-free version. When fitted with a sound insolation cover, the boxes can also be used as junction boxes.

Sound insulation box flush-mounting.
The innovative one-gang junction box guarantees the demands made of sound insulation in solid walls. The solid box body with additional sound insulation sheathing absorbs and reflects sound, so negative effects in adjacent rooms can be excluded. Sound insulation is maintained as if no installation boxes were fitted.

Sound insulation box 68.
Thanks to their solid box body in combination with the sound-absorbing surface on the base of the box, Schallschutz 68 one-gang and one-gang junction boxes guarantee the wall's sound insulation. This function is completely maintained even with directly opposing installation. The easy opening process and the 68 mm installation opening ensure fast mounting and also easy retrofitting in existing electrical installations.

• Maintains the wall's sound insulation function
• Also for retrofitting
• For Ø 68 mm installation openings
• For directly opposing installation
• Easy entry for cables up to Ø 11.5 mm and conduits up to Ø M25

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