Electrical installation in energy-saving buildings.

In addition to the requirements of the user regarding architecture and function, building technology which conforms to future needs must now primarily comply with very specific planning regulations. Important regulations define the energy standard of buildings. This requires primary energy consumption to be reduced through higher efficiency. With the right planning, intelligent technology and suitable materials, the potential for previously unused energy-saving methods can now be utilised – completely in line with the EU directive on building efficiency and the national principles. Ultimately, living comfort, quality of work and potential savings are all positive side effects of planning regulations.

Innovative KAISER products help you to satisfy the increasing requirements of the EU directives as well as national regulations such as the Energy-Saving Ordinance (EnEV). In this way, you can easily and reliably achieve the required air-tight building shell – for example, with ECON technology which is used in a new generation of air-tight cavity wall boxes, sealing sleeves and flushmounting one-gang boxes.

We also offer products suitable for electrical installations in insulated exterior facades without heat bridges – such as the universal equipment carrier, and also for retrofitting.

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