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Concrete construction. Safe, secure electrical planning and installation.

For many years, anyone involved in commercial and residential construction has known the importance of planning reliability and efficiency in the field of concrete construction. Short construction times, a high level of pre-fabrication, freedom to create individual designs, and clearly assessable costs – these are the advantages offered by concrete construction with its different kinds of formwork and manufacturing processes.

Concrete can be used from commercial and industrial buildings such as schools and administrative buildings to private residential buildings. The processing of concrete takes place either as an on-site mixed concrete process or as industrial prefabrication in a factory. The wide range of opportunities for using concrete, coupled with its good characteristics with regard to building design, are what make it the most popular building construction material for commercial construction.

KAISER concrete construction systems for on-site mixed concrete and prefabrication give you the security you need for planning, calculating and installation. They are sturdy, retain their shape, and provide the freedom needed for all professional design, planning and installation work. The components of the modular systems guarantee fast, consistent installation from the installation opening for users right up to the electrical circuit distributor.

When you use the reliable support systems, you can be sure that the planned installation areas fit perfectly even after concreting has taken place. The flexibility which our systems give you ensure the perfect solution for all installation work. Our planning aids and technical advice department are here to help you from the planning stage to implementation of your building project.

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