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We will show you all the advantages of the innovative ThermoX® LED installation housing family in a compact and informative film!

Air-tight installation compartment for installation LED spotlights.Installation housing ThermoX® LED.

ThermoX® LED is the ideal housing for the air-tight installation of rigid and swivelling LED spotlights in various ceiling constructions. The housing protects the surrounding material (moisture barrier foil, insulation etc.) against the high operating temperatures and creates an air-tight closure. This not only prevents uncontrolled air exchange, but also any possible resulting long-term damage such as mould formation in the ceiling insulation.

• For air-tight installation in insulated hollow ceilings
• Retrofitting from below
• Toolless installation of the housing
• Guaranteed air-tight installation
• Rear surface structure ensures optimal heat management
• Permanent and secure fit of the luminaire in the housing

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Brochure: Energy efficiency, from page 18 more


KAISER Electrical installation 3.0

KAISER Electrical installation 3.0
Boxes, housings and systems
2016 | 32 MB

AGRO Cable Glands 4.0

AGRO Cable Glands 4.0
For professional cable entries.
2015 | 13 MB


Innovations 2016.

Innovations 2016.
Innovations - KAISER inside.
2016 | 4,2 MB

Energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency.
Electrical installation in energy-saving buildings.
2016 | 9 MB

Fire protection.

Fire protection.
Brochure about one-gang boxes and installation housings for fire-protection walls and ceilings.
2016 | 6,7 MB

Concrete construction.

Concrete construction.
Boxes, housings and systems for the electrical installation in concrete.
2017 | 7,2 MB

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