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FlamoX® fire-protection housing.

For luminaires and loudspeakers.FlamoX® fire-protection housing.

The FlamoX® fire-protection housings form the new generation of the tried-and-tested housings for the installation of accessories such as luminaires, loudspeakers or other devices in suspended fire-protection ceilings. For this new generation of housings, the dimensions were matched to modern lighting systems, so it is ideal for universal use.

Now it is possible to install LED luminaires, luminaires with compact fluorescent lamps, low-voltage and high-voltage halogen lamps, loudspeakers and other devices, including any necessary operating devices. The housings can easily be installed from below in fire-protection ceilings through the installation opening which is made for them. Because of the low weight of the housings, even when luminaires or loudspeakers are fitted, the maximum permitted weight load of 5 kg/m² is not exceeded. This ensures that no additional suspension devices are needed.

Flamox® housings correspond to fire-resistance class F30 (El30) and withstand fire loads from above and below. This means that electrical installation companies can ensure optimal building construction fire protection for fire-protection ceilings.

• Safe, certified fire-protection housings for built-in luminaires and loudspeakers
• Fast, easy fitting from the underside of the ceiling
• Suitable for fire resistance from above and below
• Installation without additional suspension
• No use of additional fire protection materials or sealing compounds

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