KAISER Innovations 2016

Cavity wall box HWD 90 | Fire-protection box HWD 68

Additions to the range of products for the installation of fire-protection boxes in lightweight walls

There are many demands made of electrical installation in fire-protection walls and ceilings with fire-resistance classes EI30 to EI120, because they can be a weak spot in constructional fire protection. For example, according to DIN 4102, in fire-protection walls the use of opposing installation of traditional cavity wall boxes is not permitted, and the fitting of individual installation boxes is only permitted depending on the melting point, the gross density and the thickness of the insulating material.

Against this background, the KAISER Group has constantly expanded the range of products for safe and secure electrical installation in fire-protection walls, and has now presented the latest additions at the Light+Building trade fair in Frankfurt. By using this range of products, the specialist electrical company which is carrying out the work is able to satisfy the fire-protection requirements. All KAISER's fire-protection boxes are equipped with AFS active fire stop technology.

A decade of user competence – Cavity wall box HWD 90

Ten years ago, KAISER introduced the market to the fire-protection box for lightweight fire-protection walls with fire resistance of up to 90 minutes. The range of applications for the cavity wall box HWD 90 has now been expanded to give them fire-resistance duration of up to 120 minutes. What has made this possible is the continuing and innovative development of AFS technology: in the event of a fire, the surrounding fire-retardant coating tumesces within a very short period of time and automatically closes all the installation openings.

Installation is just as easy as with the previous model. The one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes can be fitted with up to four sheathed cables. Directly-opposing installation of up to five 5-way combinations continues to be possible – and now even up to fire-resistance class EI120. The HWD 90 fire-protection box can be fitted in wall constructions with or without insulating wool. It is also suitable for installation in shaft walls or installation ducts. All HWD 90-type boxes fully maintain the sound insulation function up to a level of 77 dB.

The HWD 90 fire-protection range of products consists of a one-gang box and a one-gang junction box. If a fire-protection cover is fitted, the one-gang box can also be used as a junction box. An electronics box which contains additional space for electronic components and can also be used as a double box is also available. In addition to the entries of sheathed cables, the electronics box can be fitted with up to four electrical installation boxes.

The cavity wall boxes HWD 90 were tested in accordance with DIN EN 1366-3 in walls in accordance with DIN EN 1363-1, and passed this test with a fire-resistance class of EI120. The HWD 90 is now included in the general building construction test certificates as part of the certification.

Fire-protection box HWD 68 – the basis for a good fire-protection installation

However, Kaiser, the German brand-name manufacturer of electrical installation products, has not only added to the range of applications for the HWD 90, but has also developed a new cavity wall box for the basis of its fire-protection range. It is the fire-protection box HWD 68 which now fills this role; in Frankfurt, the trade visitors to the fair were impressed by how fast and easily it is installed. Both the one-gang boxes and the one-gang junction boxes are fitted into a 68 mm cut opening and can easily be combined with each other by the use of support connectors.

The easy insertion of sheathed cables is especially interesting. Without the need for a tool to create the opening, cables from 4 to 11.5 mm can be fed into the opening almost without the need for any tools. In each case there are two entries for network cables or YSTY cables, two for 3x1.5 mm² sheathed cables, two for 5x1.5 mm² or 3x2.5 mm² and two for 7x1.5 mm² or 5x2.5 mm². Both box types can be fitted with a maximum of four cables with the above diameters. All entries are fitted with the necessary cable retention specified by VDE 0100-520 and DIN 60670-1.

The fire-protection box HWD 68 is also equipped with AFS technology, so it safely prevents the spreading of fire and smoke. It was tested in accordance with DIN EN 1366-3 in walls complying with DIN EN 1363-1, and it passed this test with a fire-resistance class of EI90. The boxes can also be installed as directly-opposing boxes, even up to a 5-way combination. If a fire-protection cover is fitted, the HWD 68 can also be used as a junction box up to EI60.

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