New generation of HaloX® installation housings

For luminaire and loudspeaker installation in concrete

HaloX® programme creates free space for new light and modern sound / Installation housings for loudspeakers and luminaires with LED, halogen or compact fluorescent lights / Six variants in three sizes for all installation situations / Combination entries for M20 and M25 conduits with integrated conduit entry limit and lock can be closed again / Wave-shaped housing surface structure for maximum stability and optimal heat dissipation / Round or square front parts for processing in on-site mixed concrete / Housings with integrated mineral fibreboard for precast concrete

Schalksmühle. For more than two decades, and in countless construction projects, HaloX® installation housings have demonstrated their abilities and advantages. Aimed at the development requirements of LED technology, the new HaloX® product family creates space for new light and modern sound functions. With innovatively implemented features, the range provides solutions relating to the thermal management of LED luminaires and the requirements of processing under harsh building site conditions in connection with unique toolless entry technology for M20/M25 electrical installation conduits. With its new HaloX® housing system, housing specialist KAISER links tradition and experience with innovative, ongoing development.

The new generation of concrete installation housings offers secure installation space for loudspeakers and luminaires with LED, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps and their operating devices in ceilings and walls. For both the on-site mixed concreting process and the industrially prefabricated panel elements (precast concrete), HaloX® creates the space needed for modern lighting and sound functions. Thanks to its modular and flexible design, the system provides a solution for almost all installation diameters and depths.

The selection of the housings and the accessories is very easy. The HaloX® housing system consists of the basic types HaloX® 100, HaloX® 180 and HaloX® 250, also available with a tunnel for the secure fitting of operating devices (e.g. LED drivers). The added numbers designate the maximum installation diameter for luminaires and loudspeakers for each housing.

The comprehensive range of front parts ensures that every luminaire or every loudspeaker finds its place. Fixed 68-250 mm front parts are available for the matching ceiling cut-out – and as an option, also for facing concrete requirements. They can be opened with a single hammer blow. In addition, variable front parts can also be selected, for example if the opening for a luminaire or loudspeaker isn‘t specified. These are available for both the on-site concreting process and for precast concrete and in the tried-and-tested mineral fibreboard version, or with a new universal front part for use with the on-site concreting process and whose surface structure is so well-developed that it can easily be plastered over. With precast concrete, the HaloX® 180 or 250 housing system, using the mineral fibreboard, is glued – without any residue – onto the formwork table. Alternatively, HaloX® 180 and 250 are available with a front part to hold a magnet. During formwork removal, the magnet remains on the formwork table, so it can easily be removed and used again.

Because of the size of the housing and the variable front part with the mineral fibreboard, in this way tolerances which may occur while the panel elements are being laid can easily be compensated for.

The standard installation depth for luminaires and loudspeakers is 110 mm. HaloX® 100 is suitable for luminaires up to 20 W, HaloX® 180 up to 35 W, and HaloX® 250 up to 45 W. The installation height can also be increased in 25 or 50 mm steps by the use of intermediate frames, which makes increased performance possible. Prefix® installation sets are available as optional accessories for all three housing sizes, and ensure fast, easy and secure fixing of the housing to the opposing formwork. Wall installation of HaloX® 180 or HaloX® 250 is secured by an internal support which maintains the necessary installation space.

The opening technology for inserting the electrical installation conduits is unique. Without the need for tools, this requires only two fingers and is then available as a combination entry for M20 and M25 electrical installation conduits. If incorrect population takes place, the opening can easily be closed again and is sealed against the entry of concrete. The conduit retention provides maximum retention force, so the electrical installation conduits cannot slip out during concreting. Because it is shape-retaining and loadable, the new HaloX® housing system can deal with the harshest conditions on a building site. On the one hand, the well-developed wavy profile gives the housing additional stability if extreme loads are expected. On the other hand, this maximises the contact surface to the concrete, and in this way, the heat from the hot LED lamp is dissipated via the concrete. The advantages of this system are the correspondingly longer operating life for the accessories, and fewer failures.

All in all, with its new HaloX® housing system, housing specialist KAISER combines a tried-and-trusted system with numerous innovations. This has advantages for the planning, design and operation of modern lighting and sound systems, and at the same time allows the processing trades to carry out fast, easy, secure installation.

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