KAISER Innovations 2016

Flush-mounting installation in solid fire-protection walls

Flush-mounting fire-protection box

At the Light+Building 2016 trade fair, the KAISER Group presented an innovative fire-protection box for flush-mounting installation in solid construction fire-protection walls. This new product maintains the fire-protection duration of the fire-protection wall from EI30 to EI120 in spite of the electrical installation which is embedded in it.

One of the most important tasks of building construction fire protection is to restrict the transmission paths for smoke and fire as completely as possible. In addition to inadequate room closures, inadequate electrical installations – from a building construction point of view – can be a weak spot if the escape routes are not sufficiently protected in the event of a fire, and this can put lives at risk.

In the past, according to DIN 4102-4, flush-mounting boxes could only be fitted in fire-protection walls if there was a minimum remaining wall thickness of 60 mm. This applied on the one hand to opposing installation between the fitted boxes, and on the other to the remaining wall thickness for installation on one side only.

Frequently, solid fire-protection walls are made of 11.5 cm thick lime sand bricks or hollow chamber bricks. Because of the necessary space specified by DIN 49073 for accessories, the required minimum wall thickness of 60 mm is automatically not achieved. This would make directly-opposing installation impossible. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that in order to create an installation opening, a grinding head with a working depth of up to 80 mm must be used. Just the removal of the solid, non-combustible material means that the minimum remaining wall thickness is less than specified. Consequently, in the event of a fire, this could result in fire transmission or propagation as a result of excessive temperatures, or in the transmission of flames. Smoke could also spread through hollow chambers, and it is vital to prevent this.

KAISER's new flush-mounting fire-protection box ensures a safe, secure, smoke-proof closure in the fire-protection wall, even if as a result of opposing or single-sided installation the remaining wall thickness is less than 60 mm. Active Fire Stop technology makes this possible, and it is fitted in many of Kaiser's products. It is an enveloping fire-retardant coating which, in the event of a fire, tumesces within a very short period of time. In this way it automatically closes the installation openings and maintains the wall's capability to withstand fire – this reliably prevents the spreading of smoke and fire through the installation openings.

Fire-protection work carried out by the electrical trade

There is no need for additional installation work with fire-protection mortar or putty, because the fire-protection is already integrated in the electrical installation box. Now the flush-mounting fire-protection box gives the electrical trade a practical solution which guarantees fast fire-protection in solid walls up to fire-resistance duration of EI120 - without the need for any additional work. Of course, the new fire-protection box can be fitted just as easily as traditional flush-mounting boxes.

Fast, easy installation

The flush-mounting fire-protection box can be fitted in all solid fire-protection walls, which are made for example of cellular concrete, lime sand bricks or vertically perforated cavity blocks. A grinding head is used to make an 82 mm diameter installation opening. Fixing is simply with plaster or fast cement, and there is no need for special fire-protection mortar. Installation is possible up to a 5-way combination, and this is done by locking together the individual one-gang junction boxes by means of the combination connection pieces. This also creates the standard combination distance of 71 mm.

Use the universal opening cutter – available as an accessory – to make the exact-matching cable or conduit entry. Up to four cables with a maximum diameter of 11.5 mm, or installation conduits up to M25, can be inserted into the box. When combined with a fire-protection cover – available as an option -, the box can also be used as a junction box.

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