EnoX® installation housing

EnoX® sealing foam frame

EnoX® sealing foam frame

EnoX® sealing foam frame

  • 9350-99
  • 4013456533011
  • for fixing onto the EnoX housing
  • for sealing the moisture barrier to the housing
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EnoX® installation housing

EnoX® housing for luminaires and other devices in ceilings and walls which are produced in a lightweight design with an air-tight building shell. Variable installation space when there is insufficient room to install electrics in the insulation level.

  • Air-tight installation in line with EnEV energy-saving ordinance.
  • No additional installation level is necessary
  • For ceilings and walls in renovated and new buildings
  • Tool-free cable and conduit entry
  • Thermally-protected installation space 300 x 200 x 55 mm
  • ECON® technology for air-tight and toolless insertion
  • FX4 technology for fast cavity wall installation

Installation technology for low-voltage luminaires

Temperature profile for room temperature 23°C

Low-voltage 35 W cool beam

Low-voltage 35 W Alu

Low-voltage 50 W Alu

Example of installation

Technical processing instructions / standards

  • use only certified (EN 60598) luminaires which are suitable for direct installation on normally flammable materials
  • only for insulation material with heat resistance > 250 °C
  • use only tested heat-resistant cables (N2 GMH 2G) and temperature-resistant terminals (e.g. T100)
  • use of electrical safety transformers up to 105 VA
  • max. 35 W Cool-Beam, 50 W aluminium reflector, 6.6 W LED luminaires

Mounting instructions

The EnoX® housing is installed within or on the rafters using the timber or metal joist. In accordance with the cavity wall box principle, the housing is fixed to the joist or to an OSB panel using the FX4 strap fastening system. The cut-off moisture barrier is made air-tight again using sealing adhesive foil or the KAISER sealing foam frame. Before attaching the boarding, completely remove the moisture barrier foil from the housing interior. Together with the moisture barrier, the EnoX® housing now forms one unit to ensure air-tight installation in accordance with the EnEV energy-saving ordinance.

Timber joist on the rafter

Timber joist inside the rafter

Installation using OSB panel.

Making the installation opening for luminaires

Installation technology

In sloping roofs, for example, EnoX® acts as an air seal and creates a flexible space for the electrical installation in the insulation base.

Application example: LED luminaires


RoHS and REACH Regulation

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Product data sheet

EnoX® sealing foam frame

Order number: 9350-99



Luftdichte Elektro-Installation in der Dämmebene.

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Installation housing EnoX®

Assembly instructions

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