HWD B15 cavity wall box for shipbuilding walls

One-gang box HWD B15

One-gang box HWD B15
Preview: One-gang box HWD B15
One-gang box HWD B15
  • 9463-15
  • 4013456533554
  • for shipbuilding walls in the category B 15 interface
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
44 mm
Cut hole Ø
74 mm
Fixing screw spacing
60 mm
Conduit entries up to Ø 13 mm
Combination distance through single separation of the pre-embossed edge
71 mm
Packaging inner/dispatch

HWD B15 cavity wall box for shipbuilding walls

HWD B15 cavity wall box for category B15 partitions reacts to a fire very quickly. The integrated fire-retardant coating intumesces and reliably seals the installation opening. The HWD B15 cavity wall boxes protect against fire and smoke in the fire-protection zone and preserve the B15 function of the fire-protection wall for at least 30 minutes of flames.

  • For category B15 partitions
  • Encasing is not necesssary
  • With fire-protection cover, can be used as a junction box
  • Retrofitting also possible

Certified and designed for fast installation

Expensive and time-consuming encasing, i.e. metal, is avoided with the HWD B15 cavity wall box. The user is guaranteed a certified and fast installation.

Installation in mineral-based walls

In walls with mineral-based materials, working with the cutter (Art. No. 1083-74) is quick and simple. It cuts the required Ø 74 mm wall hole and creates the basis for an exact box installation that is flush to the wall.

Occupancy can be for a max. of four entries of up to Ø 13 mm as well as for flame-retardant cables in accordance with UL-VO. Use the KAISER universal opening cutter to cut the openings for the cable entry.

Fit the HWD B15 cavity wall box in the wall using FX4 screws.

For board thicknesses from 0.2 to 40 mm.

Installation in metal-covered walls

Cut the installation opening in metal plates with the cutter (Art. No. 1083-74).

Open the cable entry with the KAISER universal opening cutter.

Fit the HWD B15 cavity wall box in the wall using FX4 screws.

For thin boarding, one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes attached by straps are available for a clamping range of 0.2 mm and higher.


It is very easy to combine one-gang junction boxes. After cutting the cutting holes (Ø 74 mm) at a standard distance (71 mm), remove the marked area of the holding ring.

The fully-insulated through-wiring of one-gang junction boxes with each other is created using the support connector (Art. No. 9060-78).


HWD B15 - Quality Assurance System Certificate

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RoHS and REACH Regulation

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HWD B15 - Certificate for sea going vessels

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Product data sheet

One-gang box HWD B15

Order number: 9463-15


Fire protection.

Box, housing and sealing systems for fire-protection walls and ceilings.

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HWD B15 cavity wall box

Fire protection cavity wall boxes for installation in ship walls.

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Cavity wall box HWD B15

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Performance declaration

Declaration of conformity

One-gang box HWD B15, Art. No. 9463-15

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