Wire-pull casings

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  • For installation on opposing formwork without support
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Wire-pull casings

KAISER wire-pull casings ensure expert cable routing through conduit networks. According to DIN 18015-1, conduit lengths of more than 15 m and with more than two bends require wire-pull casings that allow cables to be added or retrofitted at any time. WIre-pull casings provide multiple conduit entry options and maximum free space to ensure a continuous cable network, including with subsequent changes to the electrical installation.

  • Quick and secure installation with pre-installed nails
  • Clean stripping where exposed concrete is required
  • High dimensional stability, no internal support required
  • Multiple conduit entry options
  • Stackable

Examples of use

According to DIN 18015-1, pull-wire boxes are required for conduit sections of more than 15 m in length or when more than 2 bends are present.

KAISER wire-pull casings provide maximum room for the pulling and retrofitting of cables.

In case of sub-ceiling insulation, the wire-pull casing can be extended via intermediate frames

Also suitable for wall mounting - to be fastened to the reinforcement via Prefix® installation technology.

Processing instructions

Fastening to the ceiling formwork occurs by means of 8 pre-installed nails. The nail domes have a predetermined breaking point, so that the nails are removed together with the formwork removal.

The conduit entries can easily be opened using a step drill or hammer and screwdriver.

If multiple different conduits are entered, the side walls can be removed with a hammer.

Additional metal plates ensure secure fixing to the reinforcement via tie wires.


RoHS and REACH Regulation

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Plaster cover

Order number: 9917.06


Wire-pull casings

Large-volume pull-in aid and opening for cable exit and accessory installation.

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