Prefix® concrete building box for attaching to the reinforcement

Prefix® concrete building box 60

Prefix® concrete building box 60
Preview: Prefix® concrete building box 60
Prefix® concrete building box 60
  • 1211-61
  • 4013456545649
  • One-gang junction box for attaching to the reinforcement
  • One-piece with moulded-on front part
  • With 4 screw domes and 2 expanding claw fields on each opening side
  • combinations have fully-insulated cable transitions
  • standardised combination distance 71 mm
290 mm
95 mm
Installation opening Ø
60 mm
for concrete covers
20-60 mm
Markings for cables and DIN EN conduits up to Ø 25 mm
Packaging inner/dispatch

Prefix® concrete building box for attaching to the reinforcement

Concrete building boxes with Prefix® installation technology and two integrated front parts ensure an additional improvement during fitting to the formwork. The Prefix concrete building boxes can be pre-fitted using spring-loaded installation clamps. A peripheral, pronounced corrugated profile along the installation clamps for use with tie wires prevents slipping during fixing. If extreme loads are expected, additional opportunities for attaching tie wires exist along the mounting profile. Together with a more compact form, this simplifies working, which ensures exact positioning of the box and a clean wall appearance.

  • Fast, easy installation on rebar without support element before front formwork placed against it
  • Holding in place using the Prefix® installation technology leaves both hands free for securing with tying wire
  • A pronounced corrugated profile and additional fixing opportunities for secure fixing using tie wires
  • Suitable for 20 - 60 mm concrete covers
  • For facing concrete installation to the opposing formwork
  • Several units can be securely joined together to form norm-compliant combinations


Prepared working formwork with reinforcement from the opposing formwork side.

It is easy to make conduit entries using KAISER punch pliers…

…or cut with the KAISER opening cutter.

Markings on the front part and box ensure correct assembly of the box.

Insert the conduit, then quickly and easily pre-fit the box in the reinforcement using Prefix® installation technology.

The Prefix® concrete building box is now pre-fitted, and you have both hands free…

…for fast, secure attachment to the reinforcement using wires.

For use on both sides for 20 mm to 60 mm concrete covers.


According to DIN VDE 0100, Part 559, feed lines for wall lights must terminate in connection boxes. Wall light connection boxes must have at least one option for attaching wall lights. According to DIN VDE 60670, wall and ceiling luminaire connection boxes must provide enough room for 3 individual terminals or be fitted with a 3-pole connector.

Example of installation on a 24 cm wall

Pre-fix the one-gang junction box to the reinforcement using Prefix® technology, and check the wall thickness on the front side.

The front side of the one-gang junction box must protrude between 5 mm and 20 mm outside the wall thickness. This creates optimal pressure on the opposing formwork.

Prefix® concrete building box 60 one-gang junction box and Prefix® concrete building box 35 wall light connection box for fixing to the reinforcement.

Installation situation between the formwork units. The opposing formwork presses the Prefix® concrete building box back to the wall area, which ensures exact positioning and a clean wall appearance


RoHS and REACH Regulation

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VDE-Certificate - Prefix® concrete building box Art. No. 1211-61

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Prefix® concrete building box 60

Order number: 1211-61


Electrical installation in concrete.

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Prefix® concrete building box

One-gang junction box and wall light connection box for fixing to the reinforcement.

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