Universal ceiling and wall exit

Ceiling junction box

Ceiling junction box

Ceiling junction box

  • 1245-62
  • 4013456533196
  • Conduit entry limit to prevent the need for inside shortening of the conduit
  • Complies with product standard EN 60670-21 (suspension load) with our hook bolts 1225-xx
  • max. suspension load 50 N (5 kg)
99 mm
Exit opening Ø
35 mm
M20/M25 impact couplings
M20/M25 break-out opening
M25/M32 break-out opening
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Universal ceiling and wall exit

Universal ceiling and wall exit with KSK technology for especially quick and safe installation. The universal Ø 85 mm screw-on surface permits the clean installation of luminaires, smoke detectors etc. without the need for drilling.

  • Open the conduit entry with a hammer blow
  • Combination entry for two conduit sizes
  • Thanks to the integrated conduit stopper, it is not necessary to shorten the conduit inside.
  • Clean installation of accessories on the universal screw-on surface without the need for drilling or using dowels


KSK technology, KAISER impact coupling for quick, secure and variable conduit entry in concrete construction. Crimped or unsheathed installation conduits with diameters of 20 or 25 mm can be inserted securely and accurately in a single action. You can open the KSK technology with a single hammer blow offering an integrated conduit limit and extension lock for both conduit sizes.

Universal screw-on surface

The screws for the attachment of the device can be easily screwed into the universal mounting plate.

Front parts

The different front parts offer exit openings of Ø 35, Ø 48 or Ø 60 mm and allow the attachment of a fully-insulated light hook according to DIN EN 60670-21.


M20 combi-entry

M25 combi-entry

5/8" combi-entry

3/4" combi-entry


The front part with screw-on surface (Art. No. 1245-60) offers quick and secure support for accessories.

Open the universal conduit entry with one hammer blow.

You can now insert up to four conduits (M20 or M25).

The front part with screw-on surface (Art. No. 1245-60) offers quick and secure hold for accessories.


RoHS and REACH Regulation

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Ceiling junction box

Order number: 1245-62