B1 ceiling junction box

Light hook

Light hook
  • 1226-98
  • 4013456354807
  • for retrofitting ceiling boxes (EN 60670)
  • maximum light hook load to DIN EN 60670 100 N (10 kg)
  • with M5 thread, fully-insulated
Length of shank
115 mm
Diameter hook
26 mm
Overall length
143 mm
Thread length
10 mm

B1 ceiling junction box

The new B1 ceiling boxes simplify installation on the ceiling formwork. The innovative conduit entries allow the easy laying of the conduits in multiple ceiling boxes arranged in a row without the need for cutting during laying work. The higher conduit entries make additional cut-outs of the reinforcement bars unnecessary, and speeds up the fitting of empty conduits on the ceiling.

  • Suitable for all types of formwork
  • Flat front part makes possible the trouble-free fitting of the reinforcement bars on the ceiling formwork
  • Innovative conduit entries for fast fitting on the building site
  • Plenty of installation space
  • Fitting of a light hook acc. to DIN EN 60670
  • The tried-and-tested KAISER colour system ensures fast testing of the installation

RoHS and REACH Regulation

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Light hook

Order number: 1226-98


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