Sound insulation electronics box

Sound insulation electronics box halogen-free

Sound insulation electronics box halogen-free
Preview: Sound insulation electronics box halogen-free
Sound insulation electronics box halogen-free
  • 9069-74
  • 4013456537217
  • Electronics box for sound insulation walls in buildings
  • Also for use as a double box
  • For equipment inserts and electronic components
  • Can be combined with each other and also with a sound insulation one-gang junction box
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
70 mm
Cut hole Ø
2 x 74 mm
Centre distance
71 mm
Conduit entries for DIN EN conduits up to Ø 25 mm
Cable entries of up to Ø 11.5 mm
for sound insulation walls up to
78 dB
Packaging inner/dispatch

Sound insulation electronics box

Sound insulation electronics box for use in walls with increased demands on sound insulation. The sound insulation electronics box maintains the wall's sound insulation function and creates space for electronic switching devices, data boxes, cables and terminals. The electronics box makes possible population with cables and installation conduits up to M25.

  • Maintains the wall's sound insulation protection
  • Retrofitting is possible
  • Also for use as a double box
  • Extra-large terminal area for communications and network technology
  • Additional space for electronic components (KNX actuators, relays, radio module, communications technology)

Examples of use

The electronics box provides space for all possible installations e.g. KNX actuators, Venetian blinds relays, alarm modules and many more.

Also ideal for network connections. The generous box volume offers sufficient space for cable reserves.

The electronics box can also be used as a double box, e.g. for switch and socket combinations.

The electronics box can easily be combined with the sound insulation device junction box.

Processing instructions

The electronics box provides 6 ways for conduit entry up to M25 and cable entry up to Ø 11.5 mm.

Create the appropriate line and pipe entries with the universal opening cutter (Art. No.: 1085-80).

By removing the cover...

...and the bridge can also be used as a double box.


Cut two installation openings using turbo cutter MULTI 4000 Ø 74 mm (Art. No. 1084-10) with a centre distance of 71 mm.

Removal of the bridge.

Using the KAISER universal opening cutter, cut an exact conduit or cable opening for air-tight installation.

Fitting the box using tried-and-tested FX4 technology.

The additional terminal space makes possible the fitting of various electronic components...

...and creates sufficient space for the cable reserve when communications and network boxes are installed.

By using support connectors, the box can be combined with itself or with the sound insulation box (Art. No. 9069-01).

The cover can also be fitted turned 180° and filled.


RoHS and REACH Regulation

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VDE-Certificate - Sound insulation electronics box

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Sound insulation electronic box cavity wall - test certificate, wall construction 78 dB

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Product data sheet

Sound insulation electronics box halogen-free

Order number: 9069-74


Sound insulation

Electrical installation in sound insulation walls.

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Sound insulation electronics box

Assembly instructions, Art. No. 9069-94

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