Electronics box

Electronics box

Electronics box
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Electronics box
  • 9062-74
  • 4013456255074
  • air-tight version with additional sealing lip
  • Tunnel twin-chamber box with enclosed separator wall and cover that can be wallpapered over.
  • for one-gang inserts and electronic components such as EIB actuators, communications equipment (Cat 7), radio control elements, alarm modules, etc.
  • with holding ring
75 mm
Centre distance
71 mm
Cut hole Ø
2 x 68 mm
Packaging inner/dispatch

Electronics box

Cavity wall electronics box for switching units, electronic components, cables and terminals in cavity walls. The box can be subdivided and combined, so it offers a wide range of usage options.

  • For different kinds of voltages by using the associated separator wall
  • Integrating radio or EIB actuators
  • With cover that can be wallpapered and filled
  • Can be combined with each other and with one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes
  • Connecting clip for stacking boxes
  • Art. No. 9062-50

Processing instructions

Using turbo cutter MULTI 4000 Ø 68 mm (Art. No. 1083-10), cut two installation openings with a centre distance of 71 mm.

You can cut a precision cable entry for air-tight installation with the KAISER universal opening cutter (Art. No. 1085-80).

The electronics box offers space for all kinds of installations. Can also be used as a network box with sufficient space for reserve cables.

The cover can also be turned by 180° and mounted and filled. This will reduce any possible switching sounds.

Processing instructions

Connecting clips (Art. No. 9062-50) for horizontal combination of electronic boxes.

Push the connection clip onto the first box up to the holding ring. If needed make openings for through-wiring.

Then connect the second box to the clip.

The connecting clip ensures the correct center distance and a secure fixing.

Optionally, the separator wall and the cover can be mounted after the can installation.

Cover ready for papering and filling

The cover can be fitted flush with the wall for papering over or turned 180° for filling.


RoHS and REACH Regulation

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VDE-Certificate - Electronics boxes

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Electronics box

Order number: 9062-74