Cavity wall installation boxes

O-range® one-gang junction box

O-range® one-gang junction box
Preview: O-range® one-gang junction box

O-range® one-gang junction box

  • 9064-02
  • 4013456548268
  • with holding ring
  • Art. No. 9064-02 replaces Art. No. 9064-01, Art. No. 9064-78 replaces Art. No. 9064-77
For panel thickness
7 - 40 mm
62 mm
Cut hole Ø
68 mm
Device screws +/-
Ø 20 / 25 mm combination entries
Conduit entries Ø 20 mm
Cable entries 5 x 2.5 mm² or 7 x 1.5 mm²
Cable entries 3 x 2.5 mm² or 5 x 1.5 mm²
Cable entries 3 x 1.5 mm²
Cable entries for low voltages
Support connectors for each package
Packaging inner/dispatch
Price/100 ST
Price group

Cavity wall installation boxes

The new KAISER cavity wall installation boxes with proven mounting lug technology and improved product features. A practical design and a large selection of cable and conduit entries allow a large number of applications. Additional boxes for installation in thinly boarded walls or solid wood walls complete the wide range. VDE certification documents the high level of quality.

  • Screws ensure permanent fixing
  • Entries can be broken out for cables and conduits
  • Combinable and through-wiring by using support connectors
  • Fixing of devices by means of pre-mounted device screws

Processing instructions

New boxes provide a large number of entry options.

Marking of the openings simplifies the assignment of the correct diameter.

Combination entry for cable and conduits up to max. Ø 25 mm.

Specific openings can be made simply by breaking out.

Bending of the conduit up to 90° is easily possible in the case of slim wall constructions or in the installation level.

Cable and conduit retention prevents slipping-out of live parts.

Standardised round support connector for fast installation.

Easy-to-fit device fixing thanks to new +/- screw.

Technical processing instructions / Standards

  • in accordance with DIN EN 60670
  • standardised combination distance 71 mm
  • fully-insulated through-wiring in combinations of one-gang boxes and one-gang junction boxes for switches and sockets possible
  • with holding ring
  • break-out openings for sheathed cabling, low-voltage wires and DIN EN conduits
  • integrated retention of NYM cables in accordance with DIN 60670/DIN 49073, self-locking of the conduits
  • can also be used as junction box in accordance with DIN EN 60670

VDE-Certificate - One-gang box and One-gang junction boxes

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OVE-Certificate - O-range®-boxes

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Product data sheet

O-range® one-gang junction box

Order number: 9064-02