Strong brands for international markets.

Headquarters: KAISER, Schalksmühle, Germany

AGRO, Hunzenschwil, Switzerland

HELIA, Bornem, Belgium

Creating the future together.

For over 110 years, KAISER has been developing and manufacturing products and systems for professional electrical installations at its plant in Schalksmühle, Germany. Together with the experience and product lines of our companies AGRO and HELIA, we can offer you professional solutions for electrical installations in trade and industry. Regional strength for international markets: the synergies drawn from the merger of the companies benefit you — every day, with every job and with every solution.

The KAISER corporation is built on tradition and progress. We strive to always remain one step ahead by developing innovative ideas and solutions for planners, specialist dealers and users.

Together, we will always provide you with the perfect basis for a good installation.

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