Hotel D'Angleterre | Copenhagen | Denmark

Hotel Quality Spa & Resort Son | Norwegen

Trust through experience.

KAISER installation systems provide you with versatile free space for planning creativity and technical installations of all kinds. KAISER product and system solutions are suitable for all types of buildings. Architects and planners put their trust in our product know-how, which is as innovative, trendsetting and consistent as the properties (properties = Gebäude aber auch Eigenschaften; ich schlage „buildings“ vor, weil weniger irreführend) in which it finds its function.

Decades of experience and the knowledge gained from discussions with users and installers give you the flexibility you need on a daily basis for your planning and installation work. We guarantee that you will work with high-quality products, as they are subject to continuous improvement with regard to rising standards in the markets and installation practices.

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DC Tower1 | Vienna | Austria

Modern energy efficient house

National Stadion | Warsaw | Poland

University of Television and Film | Munich | Germany

SALEWA headquarters | Bolzano | Italy

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