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Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001

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Our quality management system guarantees the quality and safety levels of the finished products to DIN EN ISO 9001.

To ensure that, in addition to our promises of delivery, you can always rely on our guaranteed product quality, together with our subsidiaries we are a member of many relevant associations and cooperations. We are integrated in an international network of partnerships, so we always know what the market wants.

Together with our subsidiaries we are a member of several relevant associations and cooperations in order to provide you with our guaranteed product quality and to ensure that we keep our delivery promises. We are an integral part of an international network of partnerships, so we are always aware of the market requirements.

The "Elektromarken. Starke Partner." (= Electrical brands. Strong partners) of the 17 leading manufacturers of brand-name products combines the reliable competence with the tried-and-tested quality of the German electrical sector. This is supported not least by an incomparable range of operations centred around high-quality products and services for the electrical trade. www.elektromarken.de more

The ELEKTRO+ initiative provides builders and specialists with neutral information for the planning and carrying out of electrical installations, for both new installations and modernisation. www.elektro-plus.com more

The Exportinitiative Energieeffizienz (= Energy Efficiency Export Initiative) was set up by the Federal Government. In the context of energy efficiency, it supports German suppliers who export products and services. www.efficiency-from-germany.info more

Working closely with well-known companies, ETIM develops and distributes a classification model for the electrical industry. www.etim.de more

German Joint Committee for Electronics in Construction) promotes the use of data processing in the building construction industry, taking into consideration the common language of all those involved in the building sector. www.gaeb.de more

VDE – these three letters stand for one of the big European associations for sectors and professions in the fields of electrical and information technology. It is a forum of international experts on science, standardisation and product testing. www.vde.com more

The VEG is the professional association of the electrical wholesalers in Germany. According to the statutes, the association’s aims are the protection, awareness and promotion of the general non-material and financial interests of its members. www.veg.de more

The ZVEH represents the financial and political interests of around 76,000 electrical and information technology companies, both nationally and internationally. www.zveh.de more

The ZVEI is one of Germany’s most important industrial associations. It represents the interests of a high-tech sector with a product portfolio which is very wide-ranging and extremely dynamic. www.zvei.org more

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